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Meet Stuart Ballard, Eccentric Builder, Health Junkie, and Reluctant Technologist

Like many Revelers, Stuart was drawn to Revelry for the work-life alliance flexibility but stayed for the quality code. He currently travels full-time, taking advantage of the ability to explore new parts of the country while working full-time solving problems and staying challenged. Join me in getting to know a little more about Stuart. Meet […]

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking In order to create a product or service that people will love to use, design thinking is essential to the process. Design is the structure of the interaction. A Design Sprint is an intense, focused series of structured activities. And Design Thinking is a set of underlying principles that push us to remember the end […]

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Empathy in Design Thinking

As we pursue innovation, we believe in applying human-focused solutions to technology problems. In large organizations, innovation often comes at a price: Multiple departments are utilized, many product owners and stakeholders must weigh in, and the risk of launching a solution that fails is great. But it doesn’t have to be this way, whether you’re […]

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Testing in Design Thinking

Empathy places the user at the center of our focus, and testing gives us the opportunity to prove the theory our solution proposes. Testing is useless without a learning mindset and requires the resolve to abandon ideas when the evidence is clear. There is never a single way to solve a problem. Each prototype that […]

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