Case Study: Consumer Tech


Building an MVP to help launch a company offering app-based 3D scanning services

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Make 3D printing easy and accessible for all


An intuitive, easy-to-use, brand-forward app that makes scanning, correcting, and printing simple for consumers


Front-end product design and engineering; back-end development; tech stack: React Native, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

the IDEA

3D Scanning For All

While 3D printers have become more affordable to the general public, few people have one at home.

The Entrescan team dreamed of building software that would allow consumers to create 3D scans of images using a phone or scanner, and then submit them to be printed and shipped. The 3D scans could be created by individual consumers, as well as used in professional settings, such as medical and real estate.

entrescan 3d
the Challenge

Build and Launch an MVP

Revelry got involved early in the creation of Entrescan. Working collaboratively, our collective goal was to create an app with three core features / capabilities:

  • Displaying and manipulating 3D models in the browser without requiring special plugins
  • Integrating with an external 3D rendering and processing service required for printing
  • Creating an interface that makes 3D scanning and printing easy for anyone, even those without 3D printing experience
The solution

A Multi-Discipline Approach for the Win

Revelry’s team had never worked with 3D scanning technology before, but by leveraging both our knowledge of software engineering and trusted Lean Agile process, we were able to deliver a product the Entrescan team loved.

  • The initial build of Entrescan’s software took three months.
  • Our back-end engineering team built the app using React Native, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL. 
  • Revelry’s front-end design engineering team created the app’s UI, as well as supported the company in establishing its overall brand identity.
Charles Carriere Entrescan

“I’m 100 percent satisfied with their project management, their ability to deliver assignments on time, and remain responsive throughout the deployment process. Feedback from end-users has remained overwhelmingly positive, too. Revelry added so much value to our product offering.”

– Charles Carriere, Founder and CEO, Entrescan


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