A Team-Based, AI-Centric Approach to Innovation

Revelry’s deep technical expertise and unique Lean Agile process combine with your industry knowledge to create custom software that delights your customers, empowers your employees, and grows your business.

No matter where you are in the product life cycle – from discovery and ideation to development, testing, release and expansion – Revelry’s team of emerging tech experts is here to support your success.

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3 Areas of Expertise Combine to Support Your Product Success

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Product Management

We like to think of our product managers as both the conductor and the orchestrator of our projects – directing priorities (and, most importantly, ensuring those priorities remain a part of the vision) and keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced, insightful, highly capable project managers are a part of every team we deploy.

front-end design UI UX

Front-End Engineering and Design

Since we never forget we’re designing for real people, we are obsessed with making products easy to use and visually appealing. A double threat, Revelry’s UI / UX team is versed in both product design and front-end development. We believe that form follows function, so we center the human experience of a product in everything we do.

back-end engineering

Back-End Development

Our thoughtful and talented engineering team uses a wide range of languages, frameworks, and capabilities every day. Beyond coding, they use their technical expertise to make recommendations that impact business strategy as much as anyone else on the team.


Our U.S.-Based Technology Experts Deliver at Each Stage

Product Strategy and Discovery:
Exploring the Possibilities

Our Strategy and Discovery processes reveal current and future possibilities for your product idea. In a series of sprints, we lead exercises that identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These activities bring to light a product’s potential business model, market opportunities and outcomes.

Project Planning:
A Detailed, Strategic Plan Forward

After Discovery, it’s time to create a Roadmap, a guide to effective, efficient front- and back-end development. Leveraging UI / UX design and engineering best practices, your Roadmap captures your project’s milestones, as well as provides detailed information on the technologies and path to achieving your business goals. During active development, we will revisit prioritization often, but the Roadmap will always serve as the source of truth for the goals and needs of your team.

Product Design and Development:
An Interdisciplinary Team Focused on Delivering Strong

All product life cycle phases are essential, but the active development phase goes most in-depth based on the priorities established during the roadmapping phase. So much more than bug fixes and patches, active development is an ongoing and highly collaborative process. Our team of product managers, front-end design engineers, and back-end developers work with you to ensure your custom software solution exceeds expectations. As we say often, at Revelry, innovation is a team sport… together, we deliver strong.

Testing and Quality Assurance:
Finding Ways to Optimize Your Technology

During QA, our Quality Assurance team members test the applications we build on staging and production. They ensure what was spec’d to be built is built the right way, and they help identify areas of that may need more work. In layman’s terms, QA makes sure we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s. QA is also responsible for exploratory testing of products and logging any bugs or regressions found.


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