We Are Revelry.

We do custom software design, development and training.

React, Rails, Node, Elixir, iOS, Android and circuit boards.

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Our Services

Design Sprint

We discover the features that matter most to your users, create a prototype, and validate an approach before we build anything.

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Custom Software Development

We build cloud based custom software solutions that maximize business workflow production and profits.

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Startup Studio

We help entrepreneurs build and scale technology companies.

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They are not just a dev shop. They are a business development shop.

Charles Carrier – Scandy CEO
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Who We Work With

How We Roll


We work closely with partners to define requirements, and we meet throughout the development process to ensure they get the right product.

Design / Build

We dig in quick and get our hands dirty to ensure that any issues or potential issues can be identified early in the process and dealt with head-on.


We follow a "release early, release often" philosophy. Projects typically follow a two-week sprint pattern with demo releases at least once per cycle.


Rapid iteration is the name of the game. We believe that projects succeed more often with continuous communication, evaluation, and response.

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