Case Study: Healthcare / Government Agency

Louisiana Department of Health

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) engaged a Revelry product delivery team during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to develop technologies in support of improved contact tracing and expedited reporting of test results from labs across the state.

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Create software and process workflow solutions to improve contact tracing and support timely, accurate reporting of patient lab test results


Work across three tracks and with multiple LDH departmental teams to innovate with patients, clinicians, business administrators, and HIPAA compliance in mind



UI / UX design engineering, back-end development, project management, team training / internal onboarding

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Technology to Support Clarity and Efficiency During a Global Pandemic

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) exists to protect and promote health, and to ensure access to medical, preventive, and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana. The government agency engaged Revelry during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic to assess its existing testing tools and processes, and develop multiple HIPAA-compliant software solutions to support improved user experiences (and, in turn, more accurate results), as well as expedited reporting of test results across a system of labs.



Multiple Organizational Goals, A Wide Variety of User Needs

Revelry’s product delivery  team, consisting of product managers, design engineers, and full-stack software engineers was challenged to:

  • Work with LDH’s Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) division to:
    • Identify lab latency (i.e. the time between the processing of a test result and its transmission to LDH)
    • Automate the routing of test results to the correct departments within LDH to reduce processing delays
  • Identify and support improvements to the state’s COVID-19 contact tracing processes and tooling
  • Improve efficiency and clarity for all end users, including patients, clinicians / technicians, and other employees – with a commitment to safeguarding private information
  • Enhance employee workflows and access to relevant information
  • Create a reporting dashboard for stakeholders and employees to better manage lab relationships
Louisiana Department of Health app

Innovation to Support Patients, Clinicians, Technicians, and the LDH Brand

Revelry’s Product Delivery team, including a product manager and both front- and back-end engineers, delivered across three tracks:

Reactive Contact Tracing

Phase: Validate

  • Intake Form
  • SMS Bot

Reactive Contact Tracing

Phase: Make 

  • ELR Data Portal: A data aggregation system allowing users within the ELR division and other associated departments to manage, view, and code-correct test results coming in from facilities across the state

Epidemiological Insights

Phase: Discover

  • Data Visualization

The tech stack: .net, Blazor, and SQL


Fewer Errors, Faster Test Results

Revelry, alongside our LDH partners, knew we’d achieved success when:

  • Data quality errors decreased by 20%
  • Time between lab resulted and time to Salesforce was:
    • Within 24 hours for 50% of results
    • Within 48 hours for 75% of results
    • Within 72 hours for 95% of results
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