Why Revelry

A Better Approach to Software Development

Our AI-driven product development process and proven, U.S.-based team combine to deliver smart solutions that support partner success

We’re Not Your Typical Development Company

Innovation Mindset + Broad Capabilities

From Elixir, Ruby and React to artificial intelligence, machine learning and Web3, Revelry’s team of software strategy, design and development experts bring a range of capabilities. They’re also wonderfully curious and life-long learners, so as technology evolves, so do they.

Proven AI-Powered, Lean Agile Process

Revelry’s proven approach to software development has been honed over 10+ years and hundreds of projects. Our unique Lean Agile process – supercharged with AI – supports efficiency, transparency and accountability.

U.S.-Based Team

Established in 2012, Revelry is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. All of our team members live and work in the United States, which makes communicating and connecting easy. When you need us, we’re here for you.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

We believe innovation is a team sport, and that approaching projects as a team allows us to deliver better and faster. This is why every Revelry Product Delivery Team includes a product manager and front- and back-end developers.

Values-Driven Service and Support

At Revelry, we believe in being excellent to one another, earning and dispensing trust, and approaching challenges with pragmatic ingenuity. Our partners love and benefit from this approach, which is rooted in our Core Values.

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Revelry At-A-Glance

  • U.S.-based team, with a significant presence and home office in New Orleans
  • Expertise in software / product strategy, design and development; more than 100 projects completed since Revelry’s founding in 2012
  • Proven Lean Agile process (supercharged with AI) and multi-disciplinary, team-based approach
  • Deep understanding of Elixir / Phoenix, Python / Django, React / React Native, JavaScript / Node.js, Ruby / Rails and more
  • Passion for and experience with emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning and Web3 / Blockchain
  • Security focused, with a dedicated security team and robust policies
  • Support focused, with dedicated Product Managers and a Partner Success team