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From guiding you through a rigorous validation process to providing access to our team of talented, highly skilled software developers, marketers and business operators, we move quickly and methodically to bring proven products to market.

Meet Revelry Startup Studio

Startup Studio is a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurial business leaders, product managers, visual designers and software engineers that know how to build a company from scratch. We work hard to test assumptions, eliminate confirmation bias and operate with focus and passion. We love solving problems and supporting each other along the path of building great businesses.

Revelry Startup Studio logo on white backgroundWhile we love unicorns, we also understand that great companies come in all shapes and sizes. Every business doesn’t need a 10 billion-dollar market cap to generate wealth, impact a community and advance society. It simply needs to deliver a great product that improves the lives of customers.

We do all of this from New Orleans. Because it’s one of the world’s most creative and entrepreneurial cities. And it’s our home.

Revelry Startup Studio Process

Startup Studio's Process

Everything starts with a flash of inspiration, an idea. Before we build it out, we run each concept through our proven validation process leveraging a robust set of design thinking tools. No idea is precious, and every idea must be tested. We define the problem and the solution. We evaluate the market, the industry, and the competition. If the signals are weak, the idea is killed. If the lights are flashing green, we’re taking off.

We source CEO’s from our network or recruit from within. We back our founders to the fullest. Ideas are validated through design thinking, customer discovery, early marketing, and prototypes. We learn continuously and integrate those lessons, then we formally launch. A new company is created, capital is raised, and the hard work begins.

Startup Studio’s Validation Process

Revelry Case Studies Product management

Idea Generation

We start by creating idea napkins to get all the rough ideas out. For good ideas, we’ll create a business model canvas one-pager. This includes the value proposition, key partners and activities, customer relationships, and pay expectations.

front-end design UI UX

Analysis & Research

We run the idea through industry fit, market, and competitive analyses. If the idea passes all three tests and we feel there is a need, it moves onto the next step.

Revelry clipboard image used on PE tech due diligence page

Design Thinking

We draft a hypothesis, design challenge, and positioning statement. Then we detail all of our assumptions, envision the end users’ persona, frame interview questions and start talking to potential customers. We take those insights and jump into a design studio and sketch the shape of the MVP

Financial Modeling

The idea is viable; now it’s time to create the financials so this business can run. We create the first draft of a budget in order to prototype and hire a CEO.

back-end engineering


Based on scope and need, we tap an individual contributor or assemble a team of product strategists, designers, and engineers to build an MVP.

Spin Out & Scale

Once a CEO is hired to run the business, we dive deep into financials, create a business plan and investor decks. Revelry’s resources and network help the budding business successfully grow, scale, and enter the market.

Founder in Residence

Entrepreneurs and Founders can often identify with one of these stories:

  1. You’ve built a company before and exited or failed.
  2. You were an early employee at a fast-growing startup.
  3. You’ve been working as a VP or Director at a bigger corporation. You’re tired of stifled innovation, long meetings, and business as usual.

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