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Revelry is a custom software solutions company based in New Orleans, but with clients nationwide. Established in 2012, we’re an Inc. 500 organization, as well as a member of Forbes Technology CouncilThe Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (among others).

Our clients – representing a wide range of industries, like logistics, healthcare, finance, and SaaS – are our partners in digital innovation. By leveraging Revelry’s team-based approach and unique Lean Agile development methodology, we work together to ensure we’re addressing the right problems with the right solutions.

Revelry’s partners come in all shapes and sizes – from start-ups to global enterprises (and everything in between). Yet they all have one thing in common: They’re all looking to transform the processes that keep them from reaching their full potential; they’re all seeking innovative solutions to modern business challenges. And Revelry consistently delivers – strategic software solutions that position our partners to compete, scale, and succeed.

We Are Proud to Have Built Custom Solutions for 100+ Partners – And Counting.

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Our Values Guide Us

Be excellent to each other

Be Excellent to Each Other

Empathy, generosity of spirit, and respect are omnipresent in our interactions with one another, our partners, and our community.

Earn and dispense trust - illustration

Earn and Dispense Trust

As individuals of a team, we execute upon our commitments and presume the same from those around us.

Fear is the mind killer - illustration

Fear Is the Mind Killer

We are the fittest, most adaptable species in the known universe. As we recognize our current limitations, we also recognize that they are temporary, and we can change them if we push forward fearlessly.

Work-life alliance - illustration

Work-Life Alliance

Our work should enrich our lives. Our lives should enrich our work. Balance is about more than health. It is about inspiration and energy. Keep the balance, and keep creating.

Call your shots - illustration

Call Your Shots

You can’t blame your products, your boss, your budget, the economy, competitors or your team for your success or failure. You are accountable for your success in your job, your career and your life.

Always be investing - illustration

Always Be Investing

We put in the work today that will take us where we want to be tomorrow. For ourselves, our company, and our community.

Pragmatic ingenuity - illustration

Pragmatic Ingenuity

We apply a focused creativity and a ruthless sense of pragmatism to solve the right problems the right way. We use this creativity and judgment to meet challenges head-on and blaze trails to success.

Revel in victory - illustration

Revel in Victory

Don’t forget to celebrate your triumphs.

Revelry Timeline


Revelry Labs

We founded our award-winning technology and innovation studio based in New Orleans with over 30 engineers, designers, and product experts on staff.  Named an Inc 500 Fastest growing company.


Revelry Ventures 

We began supporting the promising founders in our network.  Even without a dedicated VC fund, we’ve been able to secure service-for equity positions in the 2-10% range.


Revelry Startup Studio

Launched Revelry studio – A startup studio to incubate and spin-out companies using Revelry’s technology platform and processes.  The first company (ROAM) completed the spin-out process in 2020.


Revelry Venture Partners

Hired Peter Liu to spearhead an independent pre-seed fund, RVP, dedicated to funding next-generation entrepreneurs and supporting them with technology and product development capabilities.

Meet Our Team

Adam Hebert

Software Engineer

Amanda Phu

Senior Product Manager & Coach

Amy Murphy

Senior Designer

Anna Hoz

Product Manager

Blaze Barsamian

Front End Designer

Braeden Ford

Software Engineer

Brandon Bennett

Senior Software Engineer

Brennan Newton

Front-End Designer

Brent McCrossen

General Manager, Venture Studios

Chris Stansbury

Software Engineer

Crystal Adkins

Senior Software Engineer & Coach

Dan Horne

Senior Software Engineer & Coach

Dan Murphy

Senior Designer & Coach

Dani Delorme

Director of People Operations

Daniel Andrews

Director of Engineering

Eliott Frilet

Software Engineer

Ellen Carriere

Software Engineer & Coach

Eric Streeper

Senior Software Engineer

Feroz Mughal

Software Engineer

Heather Bourdaux

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Jackson Oberkirch

Software Engineer

Jason Pollentier

Director of Engineering

Jeff Ramos

Manager of People Operations

Jess Richmond

Software Engineer

Justin Scott

Senior Software Engineer & Coach

Keisha Gittens

Software Engineer

Kyle Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Laura Eble

Vice President of Design

Laura Olsson

Director of Marketing

Mary Legendre

Director of Product Management

Matt Cain

Software Engineer

Maxwell Walters

Vice President of Partner Development

Nick Schello

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Liu

Managing Director, Revelry Venture Partners

Quinn McCourt

Software Engineer & Coach

Rebecca Alexander

Senior Product Manager

Ross Garfield

Software Engineer

Samuel Keer

Software Engineer & Coach

Sarah Herren

Software Engineer

Steven Dial

DevOps Engineer

Stuart Ballard

Senior Software Engineer & Coach

Stuart Page

Software Engineer

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