We’re Revelry.

We’re an Inc. 500 company and a member of Forbes Technology Council, The Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and more. We’ve been consistently named among the top mobile and web development firms across customer referral platforms.

Our customers become our partners in digital innovation because we’ve improved on Agile development methodologies to make our process leaner and more innovative than most solutions providers.

The businesses that we work with are looking for transformation of the processes that keep them from reaching their full potential. We deliver more than mobile and web development. We deliver platform technology that results in true business development.

We’ve optimized our workflows over 5 years and have developed a handful of bare-bones tools that automate repetitive tasks and produce software that can be delivered in usable, testable pieces every week.


Our Clients

become true innovation partners with complete transparency into the work being done, and they’re able to duplicate our processes within their organizations to fuel more growth and change.

Team Small

Innovation partners participate in every step of the process.

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How We Roll


We work closely with partners to define requirements, and we meet throughout the development process to ensure they get the right product.

Design / Build

We dig in quick and get our hands dirty to ensure that any issues or potential issues can be identified early in the process and dealt with head-on.


We follow a “release early, release often” philosophy. Projects typically follow a one-week sprint pattern with demo releases at least once per cycle.


Rapid iteration is the name of the game. We believe that projects succeed more often with continuous communication, evaluation, and response.


Businesses require industry solutions that have a real impact on immediate business goals.

We use the products we’ve already built in our Innovation Stack to start building business-specific custom software for each customer immediately. There’s no ramp-up time. Platform-as-a-Service means that applications don’t have to be built from scratch.

This shortens delivery times and enables organizations to not only create new business lines, but also have the potential to grow into tech companies on their own.

Our Products


We are proud to have built software for over 80 companies. Below is just a sample, but we are happy to share the full list and connect you with any of them.

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Our Products

Digital Innovation, shipped weekly, that immediately reflects business goals:  That’s the Revelry Way.