Technical Due Diligence

Make Better Tech Investment Decisions

Emerging and advancing technologies create both opportunities and risks for private equity groups and holding companies. Capitalize on synergies and market differentiators: investment success. Fail to understand issues with infrastructure and architecture, products, processes, and personnel: frustration and potential losses. 

Whether pre-deal or post-investment, technical due diligence helps you understand the lay of the land, giving you the information you need to negotiate or operate from a position of strength, adjust plans to address challenges, and turn around and exit with success.

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The Best Deal Decisions Call for a Technology Deep Dive

Technical due diligence is an increasingly important step PE firms and holdcos must take when considering or guiding a new investment, especially one in a software-as-a-product (SaaP) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. A clear understanding of existing components and documentation – well done or riddled with problems – supports wise acquisition and value-creation decisions, as well as effective guidance over the long term. 

Let the technology strategy and development experts at Revelry help de-risk your prospective or existing investment, so you can turnaround and/or exit on a positive.

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The Value of Tech Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is a structured, in-depth valuation of a target’s or investment’s technical infrastructure and architecture; software products; and technology team, processes, and policies. It’s purpose is to help:

  • Reduce risk by identifying hidden problems that could prove costly to your PE firm or holdco
  • Preserve value by assessing a target’s or investment’s actual value
  • Determine full investment potential by understanding a target’s or investment’s product strategy, and determining resource needs and opportunities  

Revelry’s U.S.-based team of technology strategy, design, and development experts has been working in the digital innovation space for more than a decade, and we have built, assessed, and improved software solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. We know tech due diligence; we’re the partner you can trust to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your target’s or investment’s products, platform, processes, and personnel. Get to know Revelry


What’s included in a Revelry Technical Due Diligence assessment?

At Revelry, a technical due diligence assessment includes a deep dive on all components and documentation related to a target’s or investment’s software product / platform / technology, such as: 

  • IT infrastructure
  • Product architecture
  • Software code and data
    • Programming languages, toolkits, and open-source components for development
    • Code quality and coverage
    • Development methodologies and practices
    • Server maintenance and support
    • Unit testing for frontend and data repositories
  • Security, privacy, and compliance tools and procedures
  • Technical debt
  • Roadmap and Strategy
  • Technology budget
  • Technology leadership and staff
  • Existing technology contracts
  • Team training and development plan

Examples of specific questions Revelry product experts may ask as a part of the assessment of your target:

  • How strong is the target’s technology infrastructure? Does it support productivity, efficiency, and overall business performance?
  • Do product integrations and APIs make sense from both security and functionality perspectives? 
  • Which tools and technologies are being used in product development and maintenance (e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented or virtual reality, computer vision, etc.)?  
  • How are security vulnerabilities being prevented? Is there a comprehensive, well-thought-out plan in place if something goes wrong?  
  • How adaptable and scalable is the target’s product(s) / technology? Will it be easy or difficult to evolve to meet changing business or user needs? Can it be scaled to accommodate industry / market changes? 

What does Revelry’s Technical Due Diligence process look like?

When partnering with Revelry on a technical due diligence assessment, efficiency and thoroughness are priorities. Our process often unfolds like this:

  1. Agree on the scope, timeline, communication channels and cadence, and how documentation and software will be accessed by the Revelry team
  2. Establish access to necessary components, documentation, and project management tools
  3. Demo product / platform / technology
  4. Conduct a technical deep dive with you and your target’s/investment’s leadership team
  5. Have various, focused discussions with your target’s/investment’s product development / engineering team(s)
  6. Review and assess all components and documentation
  7. Deliver a comprehensive report detailing assessment findings, including: 
    • The condition of assets
    • Discovered weaknesses
    • Potential risks
    • Opportunities for improvement
    • Suggested next steps

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