Get the Right People in the Right Seats

If your business is ready to build a technology team of its own – or level up an existing team – Revelry is the partner you need. Our deep understanding of the demands of the software product lifecycle, paired with proven leadership development and apprentice programs, helps you create an in-house structure – and staff – that’s sustainable, scalable and positioned to succeed.  

Creating High-Performing Product Teams

Strong product teams build great products and play an important role in your overall business success. Leverage Revelry’s team-building experience and expertise to:

  • Clarify current and future business goals your product organization will be tasked with achieving
  • Determine specific duties your product team(s) will need to perform to support success
  • Estimate the number – and types – of individual resources you’ll need to manage existing and future products
  • Integrate or transition away from existing resources, if needed
  • Determine the type of product organization structure you want / need (flat, functional, product-focused, feature-focused, etc.) now and into the future

Revelry also has resources to support product / engineering leadership development, as well as a long-standing and successful Apprenticeship Program that consistently creates full-time technical employees for our partners.

If you’re ready to go from no in-house tech to a well-structured, thoughtfully staffed permanent team, let’s connect.

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