About Revelry

Revelry is a digital innovation lab with nationwide clientele from small businesses and startups to large, publicly-traded companies.

We believe in being the change you want to see. That’s why we’ve created our own Innovation Stack comprised of the software tools that automate digital transformation and rapid prototyping.

Many of the tools in this stack are created in open source repositories, where we welcome your contributions.


Our headquarters are in Mid City New Orleans, and we have offices in Chicago and Dallas. Our team is distributed nationally, and we work remotely a significant portion of the time. But, we would love to find employees in these areas so that they can spend some time in our offices as needed.

Benefits and Perks

Health insurance, 401(k), 21 paid days off a year, plus 10 holidays. We offer flexible work times and locations.

Company Culture

Our Core Values are meaningless if we don’t live them every day, and we do live them every day. We communicate openly, often, and with empathy. We trust each other to perform the tasks we’ve been assigned and communicate challenges early. This allows us to clearly call out what we’re going to do and move forward fearlessly. We apply pragmatic ingenuity to build things better. We believe in building alliance between work and life. We are always investing in making ourselves and our company better. And we take the time to celebrate each victory.

Why We Want You To Work At Revelry

  • You are a good communicator who has contributed in any way to open source – or, you’re looking for a role where you can give back to open source. This demonstrates that you’re interested in collaboration.
    • Bonus points if your contribution is made here: RevelryLabs
  • You are comfortable calling out your plan without waiting for permission – “calling your shot”.
  • You can earn our trust by sharing your thoughts and making commitments, and you’re willing to trust your teammates to do the same.
  • You see your work all the way through to the end.
  • You can debate with empathy.
  • You are self-motivated, which means you handle your own time.
  • You are not afraid to try new things, and you’re enthusiastic about helping others learn and grow.
  • You are pragmatic and can balance “textbook correctness” against practical reality.
  • You can keep your eye on the goal, while communicating early and often throughout a sprint.

Current Openings

hiring software developers

Software Engineer

    • Required Skills
      – Experience with a server-side MVC framework (preferably Phoenix or Rails)
      – Experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Nice to Have
    – Any other languages, frameworks, or technologies: e.g. Python/Django, Node.js, React, Laravel, Java, iOS, etc.


front-end developer careers

Front-End Developer

    • Required Skills
      – Experience working with front-end frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, ect)
      – Experience in HTML, Sass, and JavaScript
      – Experience creating design solutions for products that utilize any design patterns that are already in place


  • Nice to Have
    – Any other languages, frameworks, or technologies: e.g. React, iOS etc.
    – Traditional design experience: e.g. branding, wireframes, mockups, creating style guides


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