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Meet Revelry

Revelry is a digital innovation company with nationwide clientele representing a variety of industries – from healthcare and logistics to finance and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Whether supporting startups, small businesses, or large, publicly-traded companies, Revelry is a trusted partner, long-recognized for our visionary talent, creative solutions, and smart business practices.

Revelry’s team has used a collaborative lean-agile process to create hundreds of web and mobile applications since its founding in 2012. The products we build are smart, scalable, based on business requirements, and designed to meet and exceed partner expectations.

New Orleans


We are a remote team based in New Orleans and we love our home state. For this reason, we have a preference for Louisiana-based candidates.

Benefits and Perks

Revelry’s benefits package is designed to help you and your family live well. We honor our team members by putting them first; this means we strive to support you in the best ways possible.

We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision, as well as disability and life insurance for all full-time employees and their dependents.

Paid Time Off
We believe in building an alliance between work and life. Enjoy up to six weeks of time off, including sick, vacation, and 10 company holidays.

Remote Work
We are remote-enabled and allow you to work from anywhere.

Parental Leave
Family comes first. This is why we offer fully paid parental leave for up to 12 weeks following the birth or adoption of your child.

Employee Wellness
Our robust Employee Wellness Program supports all aspects of your health – mental, physical, emotional, and social. Past activities have included: free weight training, sound baths, ASMR meditation sessions, in-person celebrations, and virtual game nights. Read what Revelry’s team members have to say about it. 

Flexible Work Environment
We trust you to get your work done. This is why we allow four hours of flex time per week per team member. Use it to work on or explore cool things you’re into.

Core Values

Be excellent to each other

Be Excellent to Each Other

Empathy, generosity of spirit, and respect remain omnipresent in our interactions with one another, our customers, and our community.

Earn and dispense trust - illustration

Earn and Dispense Trust

As individuals of a team, we execute upon our commitments and presume the same from those around us.

Fear is the mind killer - illustration

Fear Is the Mind Killer

We are the fittest, most adaptable species in the known universe. As we recognize our current limitations, we also recognize that they are temporary, and we can change them if we push forward fearlessly.

Work-life alliance - illustration

Work-Life Alliance

Our work should enrich our lives. Our lives should enrich our work. Balance is about more than health. It is about inspiration and energy. Keep the balance, and keep creating.

Call your shots - illustration

Call Your Shots

You can’t blame your products, your boss, your budget, the economy, competitors or your team for your success or failure. You are accountable for your success in your job, your career and your life.

Always be investing - illustration

Always Be Investing

We put in the work today that will take us where we want to be tomorrow. For ourselves, our company, and our community.

Pragmatic ingenuity - illustration

Pragmatic Ingenuity

We apply a focused creativity and a ruthless sense of pragmatism to solve the right problems the right way. We use this creativity and judgment to meet challenges head-on and blaze trails to success.

Revel in victory - illustration

Revel in Victory

Don’t forget to celebrate your triumphs.

Revelry Champions Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Revelry, we are proud of our team of talented, creative, smart, and passionate professionals with diverse interests, backgrounds, and lifestyles. We believe meaningful employee engagement can’t happen if you feel you can’t bring your whole self to work. This is why we are deeply committed to DEI – specifically, building a diverse team, demanding an inclusive culture, and investing in equity across our organization.

Work/life alliance and a focus on wellness and wellbeing are incredibly important to us, as well. We want all people, particularly those coming from traditionally under-represented groups, to feel welcome and empowered at Revelry.

Why We Want You To Work At Revelry

  • You’re a good communicator who has contributed in any way to open source – or, you’re looking for a role where you can give back to open source. This demonstrates you’re interested in collaboration. (Bonus points if your contribution is made here: RevelryLabs)
  • You’re comfortable calling out your plan without waiting for permission – “calling your shot”.
  • You encourage trust by sharing your thoughts and making commitments, and you’re willing to trust your teammates to do the same.
  • You see your work through to the end.
  • You debate with empathy.
  • You are self-motivated, which means you handle your own time.
  • You aren’t afraid to try new things, and you’re enthusiastic about helping others learn and grow.
  • You’re pragmatic and can balance “textbook correctness” against practical reality.
  • You keep your eye on the goal, while communicating early and often throughout a sprint.

Team Profiles

Laura Olsson

Meet Laura Olsson: Writer, Yogi, Bama Fan Deep in LSU Territory

One of Revelry’s newest team members, Laura (Alabed) Olsson discovered her passion for writing at age 13, thanks to an eighth grade English teacher…

Dani Delorme

Meet Dani DeLorme: Holistic healer, event planner extraordinaire, and People Ops leader

Director of People Operations Dani DeLorme is an East Coast gal living in a place where the air most definitely hurts… doing New England…

Sarah Herren Revelry software engineer New Orleans

Meet Sarah Herren: Family Woman, Goat Shepherdess, Full-Stack Developer

Sarah is a software engineer at Revelry. We sat down with her recently to get to know her a bit. Where are you from?…

Current Openings


Product Management

* All positions are primarily remote. Louisiana residency or the ability to relocate to Louisiana is preferred, but not required.

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Revelry is rapidly growing, and we may not have started advertising for the next role. But if you know you belong at Revelry, we encourage you to apply!