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Case Study


Partnering with Fillogic to support the digital transformation of the physical retail ecosystem to meet the demand and expectations of modern consumers.


Make localized logistics a competitive advantage for retail businesses through the adoption of logistics technology to support fulfillment, delivery, and visibility


Build technology to meet the demand and expectations of modern consumers.


Elixir, Phoenix, React Native, Team support, Product design, Staff augmentation


Embrace technology to transform the retail landscape

Having spent decades as operators, the Fillogic leaders saw an opportunity to make local logistics for fulfillment and delivery easier for retail businesses.

Their company is on a mission to help their retail partners decipher the writing on the wall, as technology continues to rapidly transform the retail landscape.


Use software to manage fulfillment, expedited delivery & returns

Modern consumers now expect to be able to order a product online, have it fulfilled locally, and shipped through multiple methods, including, curbside pickup, expedited and same-day delivery, as well as supporting a simplified return process.

These expectations create new logistics challenges for retailers. Fillogic solves that challenge by using custom software to manage the logistics of retail order fulfillment, connecting the needs of customers, business owners, carriers, retail staff, final mile sortation, and more.


Developing digital tools

Revelry partnered with Fillogic from the beginning to build the core software that drives their business. We worked on several technological solutions, including:

  • An Elixir and Phoenix web app to manage logistics.
  • A React Native internal application.
  • Product design services, to create user interfaces and branding.
  • Multiple API integrations with partner regional carriers
  • Best in class microservices to deploy and scale across multiple physical locations.

Building a team to grow

The Fillogic team knew that the initial version of the product was just the beginning. To set the company up for growth, Revelry partnered with Fillogic to build a team that could grow and maintain the product for years to come. Services included:

  • Building a leadership team. The Fillogic VP of Engineering & head of product transferred from Revelry to continue growing the company.
  • Building a technical team: Fillogic utilized Revelry’s apprenticeship program to recruit and train new engineers.
  • Continued staff augmentation to widen their capability to grow their product.

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