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Innovation Ochsner / Ochsner Health

Innovation Ochsner, a part of Ochsner Health, engaged Revelry to design an interactive mobile interface for a system focused on keeping seniors safer at home, while simultaneously creating peace of mind for loved ones and ensuring care providers remain informed.

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Contribute to a multi-faceted technology project focused on helping keep senior safer at home


Design and develop a Proof of Concept mobile app for easy, intuitive health care monitoring


Mobile app development utilizing Ruby on Rails

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The Company

Innovation Ochsner

Within the Ochsner Health System sits innovationOchsner (iO) – a think tank, innovation lab, and healthcare technology company committed to transforming patient care by reimagining and reengineering healthcare for the future. More specifically, iO’s mission is to revolutionize the patient and caregiver experience, while reducing costs and improving outcomes.

The Idea

Innovative technology to support aging at home

iO was in need of a partner to execute mobile application development for a pilot program. While iO is a multi-disciplinary team, Revelry was able to provide another layer of expertise, deploying a Digital Product Development team consisting of software engineers, a design engineer and a product manager.

Together, the teams sought to understand the ideal user experience for individuals, families, and medical professionals concerned for the well-being of older adults living without home health assistance, because:

  • One of the most common challenges for older patients is mobility and autonomy at home. Falls and other incidents all-too-often prevent seniors from living safely and independently in their own houses.
  • Family members often worry about their elder relatives living alone as the years pass. Even if a loved one is currently capable of caring for themselves, there’s a constant fear of something happening when no one is around to know.
  • Greater insight into a patient’s well-being supports improved health outcomes.
Ochsner Health software web app by Revelry
Ochsner health UI screenshot app Revelry design UI

Helping loved ones stay independent

The mobile  app looks to provide a robust, yet non-invasive look into the active daily living metrics of individuals who desire to remain in their home, rather than enter an assisted living facility or other out-of-home, long-term health care scenario. Passive monitoring devices capture“ordinary” activities in the course of a day, as well as the irregular activities (or lack thereof) that may necessitate a check in on behalf of the family or caregivers who have access to the reporting on the app.


Extended capabilities and capacity

Working daily with iO’s team, Revelry delivered:

  • Proof of Concept react native application to operate alongside hardware sensors
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android to handle authentication and user sessions
  • API server to manage data and communicate with EHR systems
Ochsner Health UI by Revelry design app

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