Case study: Finance / Cryptocurrency


Helping companies break free of payment and accounting challenges with fintech that unifies crypto financial operations.

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Expand and evolve Gilded’s easy-to-use application, empowering businesses to run their finances through blockchain


Collaborate to quickly add features and functionality to support end-user needs. Review and improve upon product code and overall development process.


Staff augmentation; Back-end development; Tech stack: Web3, Typescript,


The future of business is powered by blockchain

Founded in 2018 by a team of developers and CPAs, Gilded believes the future of finance is global, open, and powered by blockchain. But the Gilded team also knows it can be difficult for business owners to make the transition to running financial operations with cryptocurrency rather than traditional money – and they solved for it by creating a platform to empower companies to set up payroll, pay taxes, offer subscriptions, monitor transactions, and more.

Gilded engaged Revelry when it came time to scale its software solution for a significantly larger market.


Making web3 business friendly

Gilded was on a mission to onboard the next million businesses to web3 by providing the financial tools needed to succeed in this new reality. To do this, they needed to make crypto finance easy and accessible for everyone and, as their number of solution users grew, they had to expand and enhance their product offering. The Gilded team approached Revelry for staff augmentation to help scale their app and add custom features to meet user needs.


Enhancing the Gilded customer experience

As a growing company, Gilded was – and remains – committed to evolving its product in response to user feedback. Through a seamless partnership, Gilded and Revelry collaborated to quickly deliver wanted new features, encouraging customer retention and referrals.

Projects deliverables included:

  • Added support for three new blockchains
  • A new integration between Gilded and Kraken, the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Adding functionality for Bitcoin extended public keys
  • Upgraded an end-of-life API to ensure continued automatic invoicing & payments
Jobs at Revelry: Software Engineer Apprentice

Improving processes to support growth

In addition to building new features, the Revelry team worked with Gilded to update the development process, setting them up to scale for years to come.

Projects include:

  • Data repair and improved data quality
  • Moving from manual code review toward continuous integration and testing

Accelerated growth

In its ongoing partnership with Revelry, the Gilded team is able to continue releasing features and updates to suit a variety of user needs. As web3 continues to grow in popularity, Gilded’s software is ready to welcome more businesses onto the Blockchain.


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