An illustration of the back of an orchestra conductor with short blond hair and a red jacket, holding a baton in their right hand in front of a black background.

At Revelry, we like to think of our product managers as both the conductor and the orchestrator – directing priorities and ensuring those priorities happen to reach the product vision. So why do we recommend partner companies hire a Revelry product manager to run their project alongside the technical team?

Save money

A product manager turns a project into a lean, mean, agile machine. We lead your team through the process to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Time is money, and having a dedicated product manager on the team saves you both in the long run.

A product owner might have limited time to actually accomplish the product goals on their own and facilitate daily project management duties at a consistent pace – this is where your PM comes in. A product manager is able to spend the dedicated time checking the status of tickets, ensuring everyone is on the same page, and keeping the project moving efficiently. We’ll build a roadmap to provide a high-level visual summary of your product goals and vision over time, prioritize when the team will implement these features, and do the day-to-day work to make that a reality.

Optimize focused time

Engineers love working with Revelry because our process and our product managers allow engineers to focus on coding, finding solutions, and solving technical problems. A product manager will take the lead on setting up the work, getting clarity, ensuring priorities meet the business objectives, and the team is building the right thing at the right time – freeing an engineer from work that would otherwise soak up their valuable time and focus. Because of this, the technical team is able to laser focus on their area of expertise.

Having a dedicated PM on your project allows engineers and designers to focus their time on what they do best – finding solutions to technical problems and implementing them. We ensure the team is unblocked at all times and able to focus on their work.

Translate technical speak

Sometimes, technical speak from an engineer, designer, or marketer can sound like hearing a foreign language if you have a non-technical background. As a product manager, it’s our job to listen and translate the technical speak to ensure everyone is on the same page. We’ll also provide weekly sprint reports to summarize what was accomplished, the next course of action, and project data points.

Advocate for the user

A good product is in touch with its users. A great product is in lockstep with its users. This means that we must get and incorporate our products’ user feedback throughout our product development process. A product manager will serve as an advocate for your users, pushing for the continuous discovery of user problems through research, testing, and design thinking exercises. We’ll advocate having the product goals and user goals drive the business goals – meaning a successful product.

Anticipate problems before they happen

A product manager is focused on long term strategic thinking, rather than only short-term solutions. This allows us to identify problems continuously. We’ll break down those problems into potential solutions and then break down those solutions into actionable items suited to the project’s current state.

Coach your team

Product Managers are also there to help guide the product – and our product owners – every step of the way. We coach our product owner to become the best PO possible for the most efficient development process, leading to project success.

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