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React and ES6 Today

Are you excited about ECMAScript 6? We are. ES6 is the new JavaScript with great new features that make JS easier to write and maintain. ES6’s classes, arrow functions and modules make JavaScript sane enough that we’re considering dropping CoffeeScript and swearing off all languages that compile to JavaScript.

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What You Need to Know About React

The purpose of this article is to explain some key things about React that you
should know before you get started. When I started learning React, I was
confused by the framework and its documentation, because I didn’t understand the
core concepts of React. I would like to prepare you to learn React by sharing
some of those core concepts.

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Harmonium is a framework of React components optimized for teams that want to ship apps fast. It is a curated list of components that work together and have cohesive styles. One of our design goals is that you never have to research and handpick component packages. Whatever you need is already here. You can find the gallery […]

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