Laura Eble

Laura Eble

Director of Design

With a background in Art and Design from The University of Alabama, Laura began designing exclusively for online content when she moved to New Orleans in 2007. Always seeking out a challenge, Laura moved from Senior Designer at Mudbug Media, to Front End Developer at The National WWII Museum, before joining Revelry as UX Designer. In a constantly changing design environment she values extreme organization and consistency at the root of her work. When she's not sketching tiny wireframes or squinting at her laptop, Laura can be found biking around New Orleans with her dog friend, Snorkel.

Quick Color with Sass

With powerful tools like Foundation and Bootstrap, along with Sass, designing as you code feels much more natural than trying to replicate a static mockup in the browser. One issue I’ve had, however, is finding the right colors without having to go back to Photoshop. Luckily, Sass has some pretty amazing color functions that can automate your color choosing process.

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