Front-End, UI / UX Engineering

User experience and user interface design are key components of the Revelry product development process. While UI / UX design is an ever-expansive (and ever-evolving) category, we rely on design thinking best practices and a unique Lean Agile process as we tackle all aspects of our front-end development work. Equally important: Our design engineers remain curious…always learning, questioning, and pushing into new territory.

Here, our team of front-end design engineers share some of their thoughts, ideas, and observations. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for more.

UX Design with React Native

Improving UX Design with React Native Features

Front-end development for React Native is an entirely different ball game, especially when it comes to styling content, because styles are written in JavaScript. At one point or another, you’ll face challenges like a different markup, style properties, number conversions, boundaries, and lots of weird errors. So Brittany gathered up some resources for you.