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With experience in logistics, healthcare, SaaS, and startups, Revelry Services believes innovation is a team sport, so we deploy cross-functional experts (Product Management, Design Engineering, and Back-End Engineering) to prototype, build, and iterate your product ideas.

Revelry Venture Partners

By pairing high-conviction capital with proven, strategic engineering support, Revelry Venture Partners helps founders get to market faster, mitigate technology risks, and improve overall fund performance.

Revelry Startup Studio

Combining rigor and efficiency, Revelry Startup Studio runs nascent ideas through a standardized process. We invalidate weak ideas as quickly as possible. When signals are strong, we spin ideas out into early stage companies.


Transforming Business with Technology

Beyond coding, the Revelry Services team helps companies make decisions that avoid costly technical debt and create a product that’s ready to scale.

We are collaborative, transparent, and committed to using our robust lean agile development process to make fast, well-designed, easy-to-maintain software with you.

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A Proven Process

Building software is hard. At Revelry, we’ve optimized our product delivery workflows into a lean agile process. We apply it to just about every part of our business. We’ve also developed an arsenal of tools that automate various delivery tasks we call the Innovation Stack.

The combination of our process and stack ensures that product, design and engineering teams have the headspace do their best work and scale in a remote-first world.

The Revelry Process


Elixir / Phoenix Development

There’s truly no limit to how far and wide Elixir and Phoenix can grow, and Revelry engineers have been using it for years. We love all things Elixir and will share our knowledge and enthusiasm with your team.

Elixir at Revelry
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