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Innovation Is a Team Sport

It’s why we approach technology consulting and software development the way we do. Product + Design + Development = Strategic Solutions and Partner Success!

It’s what differentiates us from other product development companies. We happily exist in the space between the off-shore tacticians and the complex consulting behemoths.

It’s how we consistently deliver as promised. And why businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries rely on us again and again.

Want to learn more about Revelry’s collaborative, transparent, solution-focused approach to helping businesses de-risk the software development processavoiding costly technical debt and leveraging artificial intelligence to create the right solution to solve the right problem?

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AI webinar good vs. evil image of two robots fighting

Webinar: Good vs. Evil: Cybersecurity In the Age of AI

Don’t miss our next webinar, Good vs. Evil: Cybersecurity In the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Thursday, January 18, 20241 p.m. CSTZoom Revelry Senior Software…

relationship between PM and engineering blog image two women high five

The Importance of a Strong PM + Engineering Relationship

In custom software development, a close relationship between Product Management (PM) and Engineering is critical, as it supports alignment on priorities and promises, and…

Revelry blog post on LLMs and context windows. Man in suit looking out window with code concept

Memory Consumption and Limitations in LLMs with Large Context Windows

Part I: Introduction to Large Language Models, Context, and Tokens This post is the first in a series in which we will explore the…

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Getting New Products to Market Faster

Building software is hard. At Revelry, we’ve optimized our product delivery workflows into a lean agile process. We apply it to just about every part of our business. We’ve also developed an arsenal of tools that automate various delivery tasks we call the Innovation Stack.

The combination of our process and stack ensures that product, design and engineering teams have the headspace do their best work and scale in a remote-first world.

The Revelry Process


Elixir / Phoenix Development

There’s truly no limit to how far and wide Elixir and Phoenix can grow, and Revelry engineers have been using it for years. We love all things Elixir and will share our knowledge and enthusiasm with your team.

Elixir at Revelry
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AI–Driven Product Development and More

The Revelry Ecosystem

Revelry Services

With experience in logistics, healthcare, finance, SaaS, and startups, Revelry Services believes innovation is a team sport, so we deploy cross-functional experts (Product Management + Design Engineering + Back-End Engineering) to strategically prototype, build, and iterate your product ideas.

Revelry Venture Partners

Revelry Venture Partners is a seed-stage focused venture capital firm dedicated to fueling the innovation and adoption of frontier technology solutions to solve global-scale challenges. We are comfortable investing pre-launch, pre-hype, and pre-everyone else.

startup studio

Revelry Startup Studio

Combining rigor and efficiency, Revelry Startup Studio runs nascent ideas through a standardized process. We invalidate weak ideas as quickly as possible. When signals are strong, we spin ideas out into early stage companies.

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