Welcome Aboard Alex and Adam!

We’re excited to introduce two new members to Revelry team, Alex Hertz and Adam Clarke.

alex and adam

By sheer circumstance and luck, Alex and Gerard just happened to team up at the first Codemkrs hackathon to build a fun app that helps people locate crawfish boils.

Everyone had a blast, the relationship quickly escalated from there into some professional collaborations, and it was only a matter of time before we were able to bring him on board full time.

Formerly the Creative Directory of Velocity, Alex brings design skills that allow us to offer a more complete set of services to our clients and to create beautiful interfaces for the sites and apps we build.


For a brief moment, New Orleans nearly lost Adam’s home-grown developer talent to Denver. We were lucky enough to rope him into Revelry and get him back home.

Formerly of Mudbug and then iSeatz, where he worked with Joel and contributed immeasurably to American Express’ travel portal, Adam brings the kind of  fearlessly flexible development skill that you just can’t train for. Moving from PHP to Rails to Node.js to whatever is the best tool for the job, he fits right into our development team and our vision: Smart people are smart, and they can do smart things.
Welcome to Revelry. Where the titles are made up and the programming languages don’t matter.

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