Corporate Innovation Sprints

“We need to do something big and different…”

Innovation doesn’t wait for endless brainstorming, planning, and approval. When you need to validate a new product concept or inspire your team to think different, an innovation sprint with Revelry is your best solution for turning an idea into something real.

Innovation sprints can be as short as 2 weeks and as long as 3 months, depending on your company’s objectives and the intensity of the experiment. Our goal is to minimize risk for your organization while maximizing the use of resources, including time and team.

Our embedded team works with the small group that you’ve identified within your organization, and we like to say we rub off on your team so that they can easily repeat this process for future sprints. We help deliver a working prototype, create a set of learnings, and structure a roadmap for future development.

Innovation sprints look like this:

Week 1 Sprint


Kickoff Planning Meeting: Review Business Value and Customer Personas


Define Problem: Draft Product Brief & Initial Experience Map


Draft User Stories and Unambiguous Acceptance Criteria


Design Sketches and Screen Shots


Review and Approve User Stories & Implementation Priorities

Week 2 Sprint


Score User Stories & Create Sprint Commitment for the Week


Implement Sprint


Move Stories from Implementation to QA


Move Stories from QA to User Acceptance Testing


Review Progress & Set Priorities for Next Sprint

Your project will follow an agile sprint methodology. Each Monday begins with kickoff planning, and each day of the week involves a specific process of stand-ups and check-ins.

We follow the same communication and status protocol across every sprint. The speed and efficiency of our innovation sprints will transform your team’s ability to explore new ideas and tackle new challenges.

The final week of the project will end with a research review and handoff that contains documentation of our assessment.

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Revelry Labs is a corporate innovation partner based in New Orleans, with a distributed team that has over 20 years of experience solving problems with technology. Here is a small sample of our work:

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