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Peerbot: A Simple (But Powerful!) Tool for Building Workplace Culture 

By Dani DeLorme, Revelry People Operations lead and Peerbot beta user

In the dynamic world of People Operations, fostering a culture of recognition and continuous feedback is crucial for driving employee satisfaction, engagement and performance. That’s where Peerbot, Revelry’s latest Slack tool, comes into play. Designed to revolutionize the way teams interact and grow, Peerbot offers a unique blend of public shout-outs and private feedback, making it a valuable asset for HR leaders and organizations looking to enhance their workplace culture.

4 Ways Peerbot Supports Company (and PeopleOps) Success

Timely Recognition with Peer-to-Peer Shoutouts

As a human resources leader in a fast-paced work environment, I know all too well that timely recognition is both important and powerful. With Peerbot, individuals across our team can give Shoutouts to their peers instantly and easily via Slack. This immediate acknowledgment not only allows us to celebrate individual and group accomplishments, but also reinforces positive behaviors and fosters a culture of appreciation.

A Simple Way for Sharing Constructive, Anonymous Feedback

One of Peerbot’s standout features is its ability to support the sharing of constructive, anonymous feedback. The tool empowers employees at all levels to share thoughts on how their peers are excelling, as well as how they might do better, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement. For People Ops leaders, this feature is a goldmine, as it provides a real-time pulse on team dynamics and employee performance. Personally, I use it to guide proactive outreach and support individual development efforts. 

A Tool for Streamlining and Improving Performance Reviews

Peerbot also supports a streamlined and more comprehensive performance review process. By compiling employee-specific kudos and feedback, People Ops (or HR) is better able to understand individual contributions and growth opportunities. This holistic perspective is especially helpful during salary reviews, promotion discussions, and in addressing performance issues. Peerbot’s data-driven insights help ensure that decisions are not only based on manager observations and feedback, but also reflective of peer interactions and team sentiment.

Fostering an Environment of Connection and Shared Responsibility

At a point in time when employee engagement and retention are paramount, Peerbot stands out as a solution that connects employees in simple, yet meaningful ways. It also enables a supportive, transparent work environment where praise and feedback are not just top-down, but a shared responsibility. And because Peerbot prioritizes anonymity in feedback, team members can be confident that they have a safe space to share genuine, constructive, unfiltered insights that can inform management strategies and HR interventions.

The Takeaway

Peerbot is more than just a feedback tool; it’s a catalyst for building a more engaged, transparent, and high-performing workforce. For People Ops and HR leaders, it’s a game-changer, offering a blend of real-time recognition, constructive feedback, and valuable insights for talent management. Embracing Peerbot means investing in a culture that values continuous growth, appreciation, and open communication – the cornerstones of any successful organization.

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