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Peerbot for Marketing and Organizational Leadership

By Laura Olsson, Revelry Marketing lead and Peerbot beta user

As a marketing professional, a significant portion of my day is spent on content strategy and development. As a part of Revelry’s leadership team (and a member of our staff more generally), I also pay close attention to how we’re delivering for our clients, how we’re delivering for each other across the team, and how it feels to be a part of Revelry every day. When I was invited to be a pilot user of Peerbot, I was thrilled to see how our latest Slack tool supports my efforts in each of these important areas.   

Peerbot for Visibility Into Technical Challenges and Creative Solutions 

One of my favorite things about Peerbot is how it makes peer-to-peer teaching and learning simple. When any member of the team learns something new – figures something out, solves a problem, etc. – they share it on Peerbot as a TWIL (aka This Week I Learned). Peerbot TWIL not only fosters a collaborative learning environment, but also helps bring to light new perspectives and varied solutions. The down-stream benefit for Marketing: A better understanding of the work we’re doing and how we’re navigating industry and technology-specific changes and challenges. (I’m looking at you, AI!) I use it to determine what Revelry should be talking about, blogging about, presenting on, and showcasing via case studies.

Peerbot for Sharing Praise for Fellow Team Members

Peerbot makes peer-to-peer praise (aka Shoutouts) easy, too. Maybe a colleague made time to help you work through a complicated task, even though they were buried with project work of their own… Shoutout opportunity! Perhaps a teammate raised their hand when you needed help at an event? Shoutout opportunity! A client says your fellow team member goes “above and beyond” every. single. day? Shoutout opportunity! Using Peerbot to share and celebrate how we show up internally and externally brings our company together around something positive; encourages collaboration and shared learning; and serves as a reminder that Revelry’s values are more than just words on a page; they are words to work and live by.  

Peerbot for Keeping a Pulse on Organizational Culture 

I also appreciate that – through Shoutouts, TWILs, and other easy-to-use features like Feedback – Peerbot provides a means for keeping a pulse on (and enhancing) the overall health of our company culture. When our team members are using Peerbot regularly, it indicates they’re engaged, they’re learning, and they’re confident they can share openly and honestly. For a company like Revelry that champions kindness, trust, transparency, and fearlessness each and every day, Peerbot is simply awesome.

To participate in Peerbot’s public beta phase, connect with us.

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