Outbound marketing is not dead

If you’re on the bandwagon that outbound marketing died with the emergence of
inbound marketing and the Hubspot era, then this post is for you.

Like anyone who pays attention, I’m a major advocate of today’s inbound
marketing techniques, technologies, and philosophies. You should be, too.
However, there has been a flood of well-written, detailed breakdowns explaining
that, if you’re still using outbound sales and marketing techniques that have
worked since email was invented, you’re a dinosaur awaiting extinction! These
articles are flat-out wrong.

When I joined Revelry earlier this year, my coming aboard was the first planned
investment in a full time sales and marketing effort. Revelry was doing just
fine before I got here. They grew from one person to a double digit headcount in
about 2 years. The company’s growth was very impressive, and sales were
entirely organic. The founders spilled plenty of blood, sweat, and tears
securing their existing business and an amazing team. All of this was
accomplished without having an employee whose job it was to solely focus on

When I first sat down with Gerard and Joel, we all agreed that Revelry needed a
formalized growth strategy that included a defined marketing plan. We hacked
away at it and set up a basic foundation. We brought in an amazing agency
partner to help us fine-tune it and kick things into high gear. We’re stoked
with how things are progressing and confident that, in time, we will have built
the lead machine to drive growth and solidify Revelry’s industry leadership.

An inbound marketing foundation is built. Its cumulative effect is growing. In
time, inbound leads will be more than my team can handle. But what do we do
today? We hustle.
Enter the dinosaur.

We additionally applied the outbound tactics that have always worked. We
identified our dream clients and our sweet spot in the marketplace. We spent
late nights mining the web and building contact lists of people who need what we
do: Build great software with contemporary techniques, beautiful design, and
startup urgency. We began reaching out to these people, and with consistent
effort over a few months, we had a million dollar pipeline of serious opportunities.

Inbound marketing is very powerful, but it’s a process. It’s the long game.
Outbound marketing adds a short game and complements it in ways that can give
your business development an immediate kick in the pants. It’s not an either/or

A $1M pipeline in just a few months. For a 10-person company. Think on that. Can
your inbound campaigns do that on their own? I know ours can’t. Not yet. It
takes a balanced approach. It takes using every tool at your disposal. Outbound
marketing is far from dead.