Meet Steven Dial: Musician, Tabletop Gaming Enthusiast, DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer Steven Dial is an exciting new addition to the Revelry team. Get to know him here:

Where did you go to school? I went to college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I studied Informatics. I was also an officer of the UL Choir program and a brother of ΦMA.

Favorite college memory? My favorite college memory is standing beside my fraternity brothers singing in the choirs and feeling the energy of everyone really living in a beautiful moment. There’s something magical about those moments.

Favorite parade? I lived outside of New Orleans on the north shore so I went to the Slidell parades. My favorite is Krewe of Titans! Titans has been an incredible parade for years now and my family actually rides with them often.

What do you do at Revelry? I am one of Revelry’s DevOps Engineers and that means I work hard to ensure that people, technology, and processes are working together. I love to automate those human-error prone tasks and make it so that our developers have the easiest time possible working in their environments. 

What is your programming language of choice? I work most often in Python and Python-related tools like Ansible. Python has been the communities’ tool of choice for automation for a long time now and just about everything you’d want to automate has a module already.

What is your favorite productivity hack? I found this useful tool called Meeter for MacOS that collects all your meeting invites in one place. The best part about it is that no matter what meeting tool you use (Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, etc.) Meeter can connect you to the meeting at the push of a button.