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Hi, I’m a Recruiter and I’m Coming for Your Employees

That’s basically what someone told me on the phone last week. Jon answered the phone and the caller, a recruiter, asked to be connected directly to Adam, one of our senior engineers. The caller wanted to ask him some questions about Rails.

The call came while Jon and I were in a meeting with Sean doing some year end resource planning. I could tell by the look on Jon’s face that the call was a bit squirrely, so I asked for the phone myself.

I quickly realized the motivation behind the call. This guy wasn’t calling to ask a Rails question. He was calling to recruit one of our top engineers. Unreal. Ballsy? Yes. Inappropriate? Incredibly so.

This guy got a quick, unfiltered, piece of my mind. Recruiter dude, if you’re reading this, no hard feelings.

I wish I could say this was the first time, but it’s a regular occurrence. I’ve actually passed the phone off to employees on occasion. As frustrating as this call was, I take it as a compliment.

We’ve been able to hire and to retain the top engineers, designers and analysts here at Revelry because we maintain an open door policy, not locking anyone in with long-term contracts. Our team is here because they want to be here, to be tackling these challenges we thrive on, and we also support people 100% should they want to move on.

So a note for any recruiters with these tactics; move along. Nothing to see here except a talented, tight-knit team, cranking out unparalleled work of which we’re tremendously proud.

Know someone who might want to join our team? Or want to hire US to help YOU or your clients, then by all means, drop us a line at hello@revelry.co.

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