One Day Sprint

We can get a lot done in a day. What do you need help with?

We have 30 designers, developers, business analysts, product people, sales and growth experts, executive coaches, and get-stuff-done pros we can put to work, on a specific need you have right now, with a focused one day sprint.

As a digital product studio, we do lots of things. We design, develop, grow and improve web, mobile and enterprise apps for companies of all sizes. We’ve helped startups take their first real steps forward with an initial minimum viable product. We’ve reimagined and rebuilt entire backbone workflow applications for large, established companies. We’ve helped some of the biggest internet companies go faster by boosting their team for key features. We’ve run design sprints to figure out exactly what to build to help users most and have the biggest impact for our clients. We’ve designed and launched sales and growth programs to help customers achieve scale. We’ve done one-on-one coaching for founders and team leaders.


What We’re Going to Do

  • • Follow up within one working day of receiving your proposal to confirm the date for your one day sprint.
  • • Have our product team do an initial discovery session with you and create a project brief for your day.
  • • Build the best Revelry team to get the job done and add you to our communication tools to collaborate with the team.
  • • Kick off the day of Revelry with a quick meet and greet and dive into the project.
  • • Hack like there’s no tomorrow. Because there isn’t. It’s a one day sprint.
  • • End of day, the team will come together for a final demo of your solution, and revel in the victory.


Who We Want to Work With

  • • Companies of any size: founder with an idea, early stage startup, small business, large enterprise. We think all kinds of businesses can benefit from our agile process that’s focused on building things quickly for real results.
  • • People who want an innovative approach to a specific problem
  • • People who are available for an initial meeting to help our team plan
  • • People ready to spend a day collaborating with a Revelry team
  • • Cool people who try new things


What We Can Do That Day

  • • Design a page or user interaction that needs attention
  • • Do some quick user research
  • • Build a landing page
  • • Hone your sales pitch and analyze some calls
  • • Design a growth campaign
  • • Do a series of coaching sessions for your team
  • • Financial model review and enhancements
  • • Market research
  • • Code review
  • • Systems architecture
  • • Logo design
  • • Interface design
  • • Design & develop a simple prototype
  • • Content strategy
  • • SEO analysis & tuning
  • • SEM analysis & tuning

Companies We’ve Worked With

Grok + Banter
Innovations Ochsner
Goods that Matter

Blake Haney had an idea for a media collection and sharing app.
Quilt was conceived by Blake Haney as a mobile-first way to collect, curate, and re-present creative content. The Revelry team built an MVP of the app where users can create the media cards and add them to a quilt.

“Starting with just a rough idea for the end product and its UX, the team worked with me in a collaborative manner to help bring an MVP to life by the end of the day. It was a painless and enjoyable experience.”
– Blake Haney

Staacy Cannon wanted to prepare for a big launch.
Grok + Banter
Grok & Banter is an ad tech company that generates digital metrics for analog advertising (e.g. billboards and in-store displays) and is preparing for a big launch. Revelry worked with their team to build out user personas for messaging and a content strategy workflow.

“While the Grok + Banter team has successfully built a distributed system that captures and delivers unbiased consumer data to big business, we’ve been avoiding the pink elephant (content + social media) in the office. Revelry helped us simplify the process and map out a clear path to execute a content + social media strategy involving everyone on our team. Our Day of Revelry enabled us to address the elephant, and we are launching our marketing site and blog.”

Tippy Tippens wanted to improve site discovery and lead generation.
Goods that Matter
Goods That Matter is a local product design company that has made lifestyle goods for the past 6 years. They share part of the revenue from products with local causes, like coastal restoration, oil spill cleanup, disaster relief. The Revelry team worked with Tippy on a strategy to plan and promote blog posts, improve SEO and SEM, and increase her awareness and understanding of the tech that makes online lead generation successful.

“We worked on the SEO/SEM for my company Goods that Matter. I got a lot of help on planning blog posts, and how to structure them, shedule them, and post in multiple places.”

Trey Richoux wanted to optimize onsite experience and improve conversions.
Scandy is an company that creates 3D objects from the panoramic photos that users upload with the Scandy app. They wanted to help visitors to their website to understand the product and create specific calls-to-action for their customer personas. A Revelry team walked through the customer journey with Scandy to enhance the conversion funnel and identify the Scandy brand voice.