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Some Things Are Just Hard – Lessons from a fixer upper house.

Whenever you are solving a hard problem in software engineering, you will get
all sorts of advice. People will send you links to libraries that they have
never personally used. They will suggest a new framework that they read about on
Hacker News. They will recite chapters from their college algorithms textbook.
Most of all, they will insist that there must be some silver bullet to every
software problem.

But some problems are just hard.

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The Evolution of an Idea to MVP

Every Idea Needs Validation. We’re all selling, monetary transaction or not, something that solves a problem. I stopped asking for feedback from friends about ideas a long time ago. I also stopped trying to build businesses around problems specific to my life. Solving your own problems could be the next big thing, but you need to validate […]

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How We Built OnePageSale in 20 Days

We strictly adhere to spending 20% of our work week on internal product development and knowledge transfer across the company. We use this time to learn new technologies, expand on our codebase, build products, eat pizza and drink beers together. Over the past 20 Friday’s we’ve been working on It’s a really simple e-commerce […]

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