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Making Software Wizards Easier

Let’s talk about wizards. Your clients love wizards because they look better than long single-screen forms. Users like wizards because they feel like they’ve done less work even though they’ve actually done more work. Most engineers I know hate wizards.

Why? I think it is because we struggle to implement them cleanly. The tools and patterns we use for the rest of the application don’t always apply well to wizard implementation.

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I Still Hate Angular

I don’t understand the enthusiasm for Angular, but I try. I read Rob Eisenberg’s very in-depth All About Angular 2.0 hoping that I would finally understand what some developers find so appealing about the framework. Instead, I ended up just confirming the things that I hate about it.

Nothing against Rob or his post. He wrote a great overview of the changes in 2.0– I’m just still not sold.

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What You Need to Know About React

The purpose of this article is to explain some key things about React that you
should know before you get started. When I started learning React, I was
confused by the framework and its documentation, because I didn’t understand the
core concepts of React. I would like to prepare you to learn React by sharing
some of those core concepts.

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