Case Study: Healthcare / HIT

Revelry partnered with to develop an online network, then helped build an internal team ready to grow the HIT product.


Help behavioral health clinicians access training and refer patients to specialists


Build a social network to connect quality, qualified clinicians


Elixir, Phoenix LiveView and React development; product design; team support; and staff augmentation


Enabling better clinically matched care began with a vision to improve patient outcomes by using technology to enable better clinically matched care.

Based on their healthcare background, company leaders saw how technology could enhance the development of community and shared resources to meet the needs of behavioral health in the 21st century. 


Launching a secure digital platform

The team partnered with Revelry to help achieve the goal of improving patient outcomes. Together, we worked to develop a digital platform linking behavioral health professionals, treatment facilities, hospitals, and employee wellness programs.

Product goals included:

  • Empower providers to make more accurate referrals to patients
  • Facilitate continuing education for clinicians
  • Provide a secure social network & feed where verified care providers can network and exchange information online
THE delivery

Developing a web-based application

Using a product roadmap, Revelry designers, product managers, and senior engineers worked with to build a web-based digital platform.

Services included:

  • Custom software development: Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, React
  • Product design: UI and UX design
  • Implementation of a lean-agile development process with continuous integration and automated testing
the delivery

Building an internal team

After creating the initial product, Revelry partnered with leaders to establish an internal team to continue growing the business.

  • Major contributors transitioned into full-time roles at, including the company’s Chief Architect and Chief Product Officer
  • leveraged Revelry’s Engineering Apprentice program to curate and grow their engineering team from within
TPN health Trevor Colhoun

“Their team does everything they can to be transparent with their processes. They’re responsive and prioritize. They were able to understand our business and ROI concepts, which allowed us to have a more streamlined, efficient partnership.”

– Trevor Colhoun, CEO and Co-Founder,