Robert Prehn

Robert Prehn

VP, Software Engineering

Robert is the VP of Engineering for Revelry Labs. Robert has been programming since the early 90s and working with the web since 1999. Prior to joining Revelry, he was a freelance developer working with a wide variety of businesses and non-profits. Before that, he worked at Capital One in a variety of roles on many teams, including Finance & Financial Systems and Real Estate Analysis. He built systems that helped that bank to quickly analyze and act on billions of points of data.

WebRTC 101

WebRTC is a technology designed to allow realtime, direct communication between browsers (and browser-like software) without requiring third party plugins. WebRTC is being used to enable applications like video or audio calling directly within the browser. WebRTC usually does not route the connection through a central server– but directly from one user to another, which means it has less latency and is more scalable than other methods of streaming data from a browser.

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Rails Rumble Strategy Guide

Registration is now open for Rails Rumble, one of the biggest distributed programming competitions. In Rails Rumble, teams of one to four people work for 48 hours to build an application using Rails or another Rack-based web framework.

I’ve collected a few tips for people new to programming competitions, or those who just want to make the most of their Rails Rumble experience.

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Some Things Are Just Hard – Lessons from a fixer upper house.

Whenever you are solving a hard problem in software engineering, you will get
all sorts of advice. People will send you links to libraries that they have
never personally used. They will suggest a new framework that they read about on
Hacker News. They will recite chapters from their college algorithms textbook.
Most of all, they will insist that there must be some silver bullet to every
software problem.

But some problems are just hard.

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Kubernetes, Delivered

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