Robert Prehn

Robert Prehn

VP, Software Engineering

Robert is the VP of Engineering for Revelry Labs. Robert has been programming since the early 90s and working with the web since 1999. Prior to joining Revelry, he was a freelance developer working with a wide variety of businesses and non-profits. Before that, he worked at Capital One in a variety of roles on many teams, including Finance & Financial Systems and Real Estate Analysis. He built systems that helped that bank to quickly analyze and act on billions of points of data.

Elasticsearch & Function Score Queries for Custom Recommendations

In most cases, you can trust the default scoring algorithms in Elasticsearch to return the most relevant results first. You are discouraged from tightly controlling scores, but encouraged to trust that smart people set reasonable defaults and got the complex math right.

In some cases, you need more control. You may need to implement a very specific scoring formula. In this situation, you can take control of your query’s scoring using a function score query.

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Making Software Wizards Easier

Let’s talk about wizards. Your clients love wizards because they look better than long single-screen forms. Users like wizards because they feel like they’ve done less work even though they’ve actually done more work. Most engineers I know hate wizards.

Why? I think it is because we struggle to implement them cleanly. The tools and patterns we use for the rest of the application don’t always apply well to wizard implementation.

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I Still Hate Angular

I don’t understand the enthusiasm for Angular, but I try. I read Rob Eisenberg’s very in-depth All About Angular 2.0 hoping that I would finally understand what some developers find so appealing about the framework. Instead, I ended up just confirming the things that I hate about it.

Nothing against Rob or his post. He wrote a great overview of the changes in 2.0– I’m just still not sold.

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What You Need to Know About React

The purpose of this article is to explain some key things about React that you
should know before you get started. When I started learning React, I was
confused by the framework and its documentation, because I didn’t understand the
core concepts of React. I would like to prepare you to learn React by sharing
some of those core concepts.

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Kubernetes, Delivered

Deploy your first app within 24 hours. Book a demo to get started.