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8 Questions Business Leaders Should Ask Before Jumping Into AI

In this e-book, Revelry product strategy expert Heather Bourdaux and software engineering leader Jason Pollentier share both best practices and key considerations from early exploration of the emerging technology that is artificial intelligence. 

About Our Experts
Heather Bourdaux, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Heather Bourdaux joined Revelry in 2022 and brings to the team experience and expertise in strategic planning, process development and optimization, and program management . She is charged with ensuring Revelry is prioritizing efforts between various programs in ways that leverage market trends, team expertise, and time to market; ultimately delivering the highest business value.  Additionally, Heather leans in to fill key roles as ideas incubate and find their footing.

Previously, Heather was a Senior Technical Program Consultant for Gap Inc, and a Senior Director for Macy’s Enterprise Technology Portfolio.  She is a certified SCRUM Master and enthusiastic champion of all things Agile.

Jason Pollentier, Director, Engineering

Jason Pollentier joined Revelry in 2017 and offers experience and expertise in full stack-web development, software team leadership, and building SaaS products. As a part of our Engineering leadership team, he is charged with helping shape Revelry’s technical direction; advising product teams in their daily work; and nurturing the overall health of Revelry’s growing development team. Jason also helps maintain and evolve Revelry’s hosting and infrastructure systems and is particularly invested in the ecosystem and community around the Elixir programming language.

Prior to joining Revelry, Jason was a co-founder of League Lab; QA and Product Developer at Code Systems Inc (now; and a Math Instructor at Seattle Central Community College. He holds a degree in Mathematics from Carleton College.

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