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Meet Jason Pollentier: Software Engineer and Natural Creator

Jason Pollentier recently joined our team at Revelry as a Software Engineer. We found Jason – and he found us – as a result of an active conference and meetup climate here in New Orleans. We’re pretty proud to be a part of this community, because it helps us attract great people like Jason.

Revelry has always been on my radar as a company that works for the community and hires amazing people.

I’ve already seen him dig into projects and provide great insight in the few weeks he’s been with us. Jason is a recovering entrepreneur: previously, he cofounded League Lab and I’m excited to see him use this experience to help our clients who are starting their own businesses.
Jason has been making web apps since 2004, including public facing websites , e-commerce, and complex administrative tools. He is a proud survivor of such horrors as Flash and IE6, in addition to spending many years of using PHP on a daily basis. This inspired him to seek out other languages for hobby programming. I asked him about his programming preferences and favorite work tools.

Ruby has been a favorite for years, and more recently I’ve been really excited about Elixir. I’m a big fan of Vim for its modal editing powers and its ubiquity. I also love being able to configure it with a dotfile I can copy from one machine to another for a consistent experience.

When he comes out from behind the keyboard, Jason can be found biking around New Orleans or hanging out at the rock climbing gym. But he tells us that it’s being a “maker” that really thrills him.

I really enjoy the act of creating things. There’s the obvious thrill of making something that didn’t exist before, but I also love seeing my own skills and intuition improve as I practice. In earlier times I might have been a baker or woodworker — I have a bit of experience with both — but the way technology amplifies our ability to create is really amazing and almost addicting.

Speaking of making things, Jason also tells us that he loves the interconnectivity that Arduino offers:

I’ve been experimenting on and off with Arduinos and other more basic electronics for a few years. It’s amazing how easy it’s gotten to build things that bridge the digital and physical worlds.

Hey Jason, welcome to the team!

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