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A Call for Founders in Residence — Lead a New Business with the Resources for Success

Call for Founders in Residence 

Revelry Startup Studio exists because we believe attaching brilliant entrepreneurs to promising businesses can create generational wealth across the region. When the right team executes the right idea, new products and technologies enhance society and increase the joy of living. 

We’re looking for visionary leaders to join our team as Founders in Residence (FIR) at the studio.  Founders will step into the CEO role when companies are created. 

Sound like you? Read on…. 

Spinning Out the Spinout to Create More Spinouts

Revelry Startup Studio comprises a team of exceptional designers, software engineers, operators, product managers, and creatives of all types. For more than 10 years, we have been building great products for other companies. We have hundreds of happy customers that prove we excel at it.  We enjoy creating software through our services team and will continue to create for others. 

Over the years we’ve built so many great products that have added so much value, we’ve decided it’s time to create the space to make companies for ourselves. That’s why Revelry spun out Startup Studio, so we can spinout more companies together. 

Startup Studio has been forming ideas, testing business concepts, validating customer demand, and preparing to spinout new startups. In fact, we have a number of startups that are ready to launch.  We need co-founders to help bring these businesses to life with the same synchronized vision, and dedication to execution.

Validate Your Crazy Idea

To us, great ideas are critical but none are precious. We run each concept through an extremely thorough validation process. Rigorous feasibility analysis can greatly de-risk a business idea and improve the odds of a successful outcome.

Our process has 5 main stages that look like this: 

Revelry Startup Studio 5 stage process illustration

5 Stages of Validation

Revelry Startup Studio Validation process broken into steps illustration green

If we see weak signals at any stage—a lack of demand, small or saturated markets, customers that are too expensive to acquire, or maybe our initial idea wasn’t good to begin with— ideas are killed off without regret or remorse.

However, if a business concept moves all the way through the stages, and it’s proven viable, and we believe it needs to exist in the world, we’ll launch it aggressively. We back it all the way and give it the resources to thrive.

Finding tech talent in any city can be a challenge. For us, product delivery is a superpower. We’ve got a large team of engineers and designers that know how to bring products to life. Our Founders in Residence have a tech team on day one. These team members are awesome at what they do. The Revelry implementation team helps us get concepts to market faster than the average startup. 

Your Idea? Our Idea? Who Cares?
Founder / Opportunity Fit is What Matters! 

The entire team is constantly thinking about big problems that need to be solved. We have a backlog of more than 50 business concepts that need to be tested and validated. Maybe some of those will strike your passion. We also expect you’ve identified problems you want to solve and have ideas on how to make the world a better place. That’s great too. But, what’s most important is the founder/opportunity fit.

Big markets and effective execution are not enough to make a business successful. What’s most critical is your obsession with the problem and the customer. When what you love, what you’re good at and what the world needs overlap, that’s what we call founder – opportunity fit. It creates a fire in the belly that drives us through the inevitable challenges that come with building a business. 

Degrees are Great, But What’s in Your DNA?

  • Does all of this sound exciting to you?
  • Do you love a challenge?
  • Do you like building businesses from scratch?
  • Better yet, do you have a chip on your shoulder and a desire to prove you can make the world a better place?

If you said, “Hell yeah!”, we want to talk with you. 

What We Look for in a Founder in Residence

  • You’ve built a company before and exited or failed.
  • You learned a lot. You know how you’ll do the next one differently and even better.
  • You developed a strong network.
  • You can’t wait to strap back into the rollercoaster and take another spin. 


  • You were an early employee at a fast-growing startup.
  • You saw how hard your CEO worked to scale the business.
  • You know the stress and the thrills that came with it.
  • Your contributions were critical to that company.
  • They’re super bummed you left. But, they are stoked you’re striking out on your own. They always knew you would.


  • For years you’ve been working as a VP or Director at a bigger corporation. You’re tired of stifled innovation, long meetings, and business as usual.
  • You’re done building wealth for someone else. You’re ready to execute your own vision without restriction. 


You’ve never done any of the above, but you have the drive. You’ve built a product or side hustle because you couldn’t get the idea out of your head until it came to life. You know how to get people to back your efforts, and you’re a natural community organizer. You can sell snowballs in December.

Are You a Prospective Founder?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably pretty interested in joining Startup Studio. If you fit one of the descriptions we laid out and you love the process we’re running, we want to connect.

We are constantly speaking with FIR candidates and hosting ideation sessions to find the right product/founder fit for our current opportunities. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s connect.

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