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WFH Today – Revelry Renditions of a Common Acronym

I think its safe to say that some rendition of this little phrase comes up in our #general Slack channel at least five times a day. If you aren’t familiar with the term “wfh”, it means “working from home”, which just so happens to be a very popular place to work from nowadays.

The reason it’s so common, especially with tech companies, is that we’re all in constant communication through Slack (or something of the sort). Even on the rare occasions when everyone is in the office, the place is pretty much silent… aside from those damn sales guys (jk we love you Jon and Jason). We rarely talk to each other oustide of Slack, not even to the people right next to us. I always find it hilarious when I get into a private Slack conversation with the person sitting right next to me… It seems a bit weird. But that’s the environment we work in. And you know what, it’s pretty awesome. It’s the reason we are able to work remotely.

wfh today

Revelry’s company policy on working remotely is very lax; you only really need to be in the office if you have a scheduled, in person meeting (which doesn’t happen all that often). We tend to do most of our meetings on conference calls or in Slack, since many of our customers are across the country anyway. Just about every day, a few people end up not coming into the office at all, and a few end up leaving after lunch. Often times if you come into the office at 3 or 4pm, it’s almost completely empty. It’s almost like a chain reaction; one person announces “wfh” in Slack, and one by one people start slowly trickling out of the office to do the same. But don’t get it wrong, we’re all still working.

In fact, I wrote this wfh. Well really, I am what we at Revelry call “wfp”, or working from porch. We actually have a wide variety of these acronyms for all of the different places people choose to work remotely from.

Revelry renditions of  “wfh”:

  • wfp – Working From Porch (Company favorite, especially when the New Orleans weather is on point.)
  • wfmm – Working From Monkey Monkey (Coffee shop right down the street.)
  • wfbg – Working From Bean Gallery (Another coffee shop close by.)
  • wfs – Working From Studio (Blaze gets credit for that one.)
  • wfbs – Working From Book Store (Brad and his wife own a book store that he often works from. I have yet to wfbs myself.)
  • wfjp – Working From Jason’s Pool, aka “The Oasis”
  • wfde – Working From Deutchland (This past summer I had an awesome 10 day trip to Germany to visit my twin brother. I was wfde for 5 of those days. It was a trip working from a completely different part of the world, especially because of the 7 hour time difference.)

NOTE: “wfm” is NOT a rendition of “wfh”. That means “works for me”. Wfm is a widely used acronym and should not be reimplimented for another purpose.

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