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Ruby on Rails (also just called Rails) is a vital part of software development in today’s world. It is a server-side framework written in the Ruby programming language that uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the user-facing portions of the websites it supports. Rails also uses other software development standards like the active record pattern and convention over configuration. Since it was released in 2005, it has changed how software development for websites has evolved. Now, things like seamless database integration are standard. Many other frameworks have borrowed from ideas that Rails introduced to Web application development, and many well-known e-commerce sites use Ruby on Rails, including Shopify and Airbnb.

Ruby on Rails uses the Ruby programming language. Ruby was written to emphasize simplicity and productivity in coding and software development. Ruby considers everything, even the most primitive and basic of data, as an object. Users dynamically type in Ruby code. Many resources are available for people with very little coding experience to help them learn and effectively use Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails Resources

Getting Started With Rails

The official Ruby on Rails website offers this guide aimed at helping beginners build an application using Rails. It’s designed to help those who have no previous experience with Rails.

Ruby on Rails in 60 Minutes

Over the course of an hour, this video explores how to use Ruby on Rails to build an application for a blog that allows readers to leave comments and the blog owner to moderate them.

Ruby on Rails for Beginners Tutorial

Over the course of a series of videos, users will learn how to use Ruby on Rails to build a clone of the app Buffer that includes authentication and interfaces with Twitter’s API.

Ruby on Rails

Building projects like a micro-Reddit and an app for blogs can allow beginners to master the essentials of using Ruby on Rails and equip them to use this framework in their projects.

Getting Started With Ruby on Rails

Smashing Magazine published this two-part series that first explains the basic components and concepts that make up Ruby on Rails and then teaches readers how to properly install the Ruby on Rails engine and how to take advantage of the strengths of the framework.

How to Build a Ruby on Rails Application

Ruby on Rails offers functionality like asset management and the ability to efficiently handle routing, allowing users to create the robust functionality their applications need. This tutorial takes advantage of that functionality to build an application that allows users to record observations about the behavior of sharks.

Top Tips for Ruby on Rails Beginners

Ruby on Rails combines CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with Ruby to create applications that are then hosted on Web servers. These tips can help new users learn how to build useful, bug-free applications.

Understanding Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and RubyGems

People sometimes get confused by the difference between Ruby (a programming language developed in 1995), Ruby on Rails (an open-source Web application framework first introduced in 2007), and RubyGems, which functions similarly to the way libraries do in other languages and frameworks.

A Complete Guide to Ruby on Rails and Why You Should Learn It

Why should beginners learn Ruby on Rails? It’s the fastest way for beginners to build full-stack websites that are fully functioning and also attractive.

Ruby Resources

RubyGems Basics

Gems make coding with Ruby much easier, and this guide helps newcomers to Ruby understand what Gems are and how to use them effectively.

Programming With Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide

Ruby is a programming language for pragmatic coders, and this guide can help them start using Ruby so that their code and projects are done correctly the first time.

What Does Ruby Do?

Ruby is usually used when designing websites and makes it easy to store and retrieve data created by the end user even after they’ve left the site.

Ruby for Beginners

This online curriculum is designed to teach students to read, understand, and write code in Ruby.

The Ruby Programming Language

Created for a class at Stanford University, this guide helps newcomers learn the basics of Ruby.

Learn Ruby: Hello World

Complete a series of exercises as practice for using Ruby, starting with one of the most common beginner tasks.

Ruby in 20 Minutes

This quick tutorial can quickly familiarize users with the basics of Ruby.

Ruby Tutorial With Code Samples

This tutorial is designed for people who want to learn quickly while examining real-life examples of Ruby code.

Using the Command Line to Run Ruby Scripts

Most Ruby scripts are run directly from the command line, so it’s vital to understand how to use it when inputting code.


Between Screens

Along with information about Ruby on Rails, the hosts of this podcast also discuss other languages and programming tools, like Sinatra, Sass, and JavaScript.

Ruby5: A Twice-Weekly, 5-Minute Ruby News Podcast

This podcast keeps listeners up to date on all news about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The Bike Shed

The hosts of this podcast, experienced Web designers, discuss issues related to Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.

Ruby Rogues

Listen to a weekly podcast with more than 500 episodes in its archive that focuses on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and software development around the globe.


Ruby Community

Job postings, articles, news updates, and conferences are all offered by this online community.

Rails Girls

This organization is devoted to helping women overcome barriers and enter the technology workforce. Their volunteers put on a wide variety of events.

Ruby Forum

Along with questions and discussions, this community also posts job listings.

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