Revelry software engineer Crystal Adkins. A photo of the face of a woman with pink hair wearing glasses and a gray shirt on top of a teal graphic with white text that says "The Big Elixir, March 24-25, 2022. Crystal Adkins, Lead Software Engineer at Revelry."

Web3 x Liveview: Crystal Adkins Presents at the Big Elixir 2022

You don’t have to forsake Elixir and Phoenix to work with Web3 and Blockchain. Liveview gives us the perfect intermediary.


  • The Conference: The Big Elixir is an annual conference discussing the Elixir language. This year the conference will take place on March 24-25 in New Orleans, LA. Revelry is a proud sponsor.
  • Conference theme: Phoenix LiveView has given engineers the power to create scalable, real-time, fluid web applications entirely in Elixir itself. It’s incredibly popular inside the Elixir community and quickly gaining traction within the greater tech community.
  • About Crystal Adkins: Crystal Adkins is a software engineer and coach at Revelry. Keep in touch with her on Twitter: @CrystalAdkins.
  • Conference presentation: Crystal was one of the guests on SmartLogic’s Big Elixir Preview Livestream. The recording of her talk can be found here on YouTube.

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