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Code audits are critical to preventing unstable code from being shared with the world or shipped to customers (gasp!), and they should be a part of any development team’s workflow.

Methodical evaluations of software code (aka code reviews, codebase audits, technology assessments, risk assessments, and peer reviews) help:

  • Identify bugs and logic issues;
  • Improve code quality;
  • Create opportunities for developers to learn the source code;
  • Spread knowledge across a team or organization; and
  • Ensure a product and/or business is well-positioned to scale and succeed.

At Revelry, our software engineers are experts at reviewing code. Do you want to know how we do it? This guide explains everything, including 20-plus questions we ask and answer as we work through the process each and every time. Download it – or let’s connect and chat.

Download 20+ Questions Successful Code Audit

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