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The Future of Higher Ed: How AI Is Revolutionizing University Administration and Relations

Institutions of higher learning have long been hotbeds of innovation. Unfortunately, that innovation hasn’t always extended to their administrative processes. Enter artificial intelligence (AI), the emerging technology revolutionizing how universities and colleges streamline their operations and better connect with faculty, staff and alumni.

Here are just a few examples of ways AI is already transforming business for colleges and universities of all types and sizes across the country:

Creating Ease in the Admissions Office

A growing number of colleges and universities are using AI to assist admissions offices as they evaluate thousands of student applicants each year. While some are using AI-powered tools to quickly process college transcripts by extracting information like coursework and college transfer credits, others are using AI to replicate admissions decisions, allowing admissions officers to sift through large data sets and evaluate applications more efficiently.

Predicting the Future (of Tuition Payments)

For institutions of higher learning, budgeting can be an especially challenging task, especially when it comes to predicting forthcoming tuition payments. AI is helping schools overcome this challenge with incredible accuracy, leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data – weighing factors like economic trends and student demographics. Armed with this predictive knowledge, administrators are better able to make informed financial decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and consider more flexible payment options for students facing hardship.

Bringing Efficiency to Admin Tasks

For university and college administrators, the days of managing mountains of paperwork and endless phone calls (while also making time for meaningful one-on-one interactions and strategic priorities) may be a thing of the past. AI is being used to automate a variety of tedious administrative tasks. From chatbots answering routine questions and scheduling appointments to automated document processing, sorting and analysis, AI is optimizing everything from accounting and supply chain to recruiting and professional development. 

Alumni Engagement, Reimagined

Traditionally, a cornerstone of alumni engagement has been mass communications – generic emails, newsletters and brochures that deliver a general message to all recipients. AI, however, is bringing personalization into the equation, analyzing alumni data to identify interests and career paths – helping create highly targeted campaigns based on shared passions. AI is also being used to predict alumni giving for budgeting purposes, and to enable more intelligent fundraising. 

The Road Ahead

While ethical considerations and responsible data management are paramount in planning and implementing AI, the potential in higher education is immense. Done right, AI can be a powerful tool to improve operational efficiency and alumni engagement AND revolutionize the entire university experience. 

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