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12 Newsletters Our Software Developers Swear By – For Learning, Inspiration and Connection

One of the things our Revelry team enjoys most about being in the digital innovation space is the opportunity to learn something new daily (if not many, many times daily). Innovation by definition is change…evolution…and our product managers, designers and developers are here for it. All in. 

We’re often asked about our “go to” resources for what’s new and next in technology…where we learn…where we find inspiration…community. Here are a few of our favorite newsletters and community boards:

  1. Awesome Elixir ( – Highly technical weekly newsletter for Elixir developers that shares language-specific news, educational articles and events, and projects. 
  1. Ben’s Bites ( – Daily newsletter for technologists dedicated to advances in artificial intelligence, including industry-shaping news from global players and new product releases.  
  1. BizzaroDevs ( – Monthly newsletter with interesting (and often funny) narrative and perspective on “all the weird and wonderful tech news” from the previous few weeks. 
  1. Bloomberg Tech Daily ( – Daily news digest for business leaders featuring “3 Things You Need to Know Today” and other significant news items related to innovation and technology.
  1. Elixir Weekly ( – Weekly email specific to the Elixir programming language with an emphasis on peer-to-peer education and sharing. Blog posts, webinars, podcasts, conferences…they’re all here.
  2. Hacker News ( – Community site for sharing news and educational content, and having discussions with other “technology minded, intellectually curious people.”
  3. Inside Dev ( – Daily technology news digest with associated community board geared toward developers for sharing questions, challenges, ideas and jobs, and connecting with peers.  
  4. Lab Notes ( – Weekly email for software designers and developers. A mix of insightful and funny news items, as well as details on new products and tools.
  5. Patent Drop ( – Weekly newsletter offering a glimpse into how big tech is positioning for the future through the lens of their patent and trademark activities.
  6. Programming Digest ( – Weekly newsletter for software engineers that explores what’s new in tech (with an emphasis on education) and provides opportunities to connect with other techies.
  7. The Download: MIT Tech Review ( – Daily news digest focused on emerging technologies. Don’t miss “The Must Reads” section toward the bottom, highlighting some of the day’s most fun / important / scary / fascinating stories about tech. 
  8. You Probably Need a Robot ( Discord community for people who are exploring and using AI “to be way more productive, make more money and have more fun.”

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