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Demo Drill

What are demodrills?

A team from a project in early-mid active development will invite the entire company or a subset of Revelers to hit the app in real-time to discover bugs and confusing aspects of the application. All of this feedback goes into the #demodrill channel in real-time to be processed by the team later and converted into tickets.

What is required?

  • You will require access to the apps if they are mobile apps. Typically the facilitator will provide a place (slack) for participants to provide their platform of choice (iOS or Android) and the email they use to login to the App Store or Play Store. The facilitator will then ensure that you are added to the appropriate testing platform so that you can access the app.
  • If specific accounts need to exist to best test the applications, these need to be created and shared ahead of time.
  • During demodrills, teams should try to make sure they have analytic capturing tools installed and be able to analyze that data afterward.

What happens next?

  • General Feedback that is not already captured in tickets can be created into bugs and drafts for stories.

What are some best practices and tips for running great demo drills?


Tools for user testing for beta applications:


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