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Nouns and Verbs

Design and Development Terminology


At Revelry, you don’t have to know and you can always ask. Two of our Core Values lay the groundwork for this:

1. “Earn and Dispense Trust”
2.  “Fear is the Mind Killer”

There’s a lot of jargon thrown around in software design and development land.  Before your eyes glaze over wondering about the last three acronyms you heard, polish up your linguistic lingo with Revelry’s handy glossary of tech terms / terminology. (Learning is a huge part of developing cutting-edge technology solutions to address business problems.)

As you work with our team of UI /UX and back-end engineers, you’re encouraged to ask about anything that’s unclear and to trust that we are happy to make sure we all have a shared understanding of any concept. Innovation is a team sport, after all.