The Top 100 Custom Slack Emoji You Absolutely, Positively Need or You Will Never Succeed as a Company

Slack might get a lot of… well, slack for distracting people who are trying to get work done. So the fact that you can upload no limit of custom emoji to round out your Slack conversations might not help in that regard. But, we get a lot of work done at Revelry. And Slack emoji just helps us with our game.

We knock out one-week sprints. The solutions we deploy are lean and innovative. Our communication protocol kicks ass.

And, we’ve managed to add 514 custom emoji to our Slack team.

Yes, five hundred fourteen. And we’re not done yet.

They say Slack lets you “bring your whole self to work.” Emoji helps you be your whole self with a simple and silent click of the mouse. They can convey your mood or reaction faster and more succinctly than text can.

Slack emoji lists aren’t hard to find.

But be warned: this is no basic list of Five Emoji for Coders. This is no simple list of Twelve Must-Have Slackmoji. This is your monster mega list of 100-ish custom emoji your company Slack needs. It is our gift to you. You’re welcome.

Oh by the way, we’ve added at least a hundred more emoji and we’ll share them with you soon.

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Celebrate good times, come on! (It’s a celebration)

Let’s start with the reaction emoji that we most like to use. The team completed a tough sprint. Someone went above and beyond in their work. A tough bug was fixed. A glowing review from a client was received. Send the team some love.







Why use the default :tada: when you can spice it up with pizza? Everyone loves pizza!


For when the default :100: just isn’t good enough to convey how you feel





When you need a little extra in your “aww yeah”


When the whole team deserves props

Subset #1: Celebratory Dancing

When you really feel like celebrating, you need to dance. And boy, do we have the emoji for that.









Did I mention everyone loves pizza?





Subset #2: Celebratory Drinking!

Lots of people like to celebrate with drinks. We’re no different.






For those who favor non-alcoholic drinks

Ok, but what about when things aren’t going so well?

While we would love for every day to be full of rainbows, those don’t come without a little rain. So here are some emoji reactions for when it’s really raining. Project overdue? Bugs you can’t figure out? Had a giant brain fart publicly on Slack? We got you, fam.


Well, that didn’t go as planned


That really didn’t go as planned


Did something annoying happen?


Did something mildly annoying happen?


Did something really annoying happen?


Did someone say something NSFW?



I haven’t joined a team Slack channel yet that didn’t have a dumpster fire emoji


Or sometimes two dumpster fire emoji, because really, sometimes dumpster fires have a level of nuance that can only be differentiated by multiple emoji





When you need ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but in reaction emoji form


It wasn’t me


Not quite :100:, but hey, you tried?

Status Emoji

Another useful way to use emoji are to reflect your status. Whether it’s the office’s status, or your personal status.


The internet is down


The internet is back


We’re out of coffee


All the parking spaces are now full


Whoops, Codeship is down


I’m working from home today


I’m coding


I’m really coding


I’m waiting for something


I’m waiting for something very specific

Reaction Emoji

These are some basic reactions that didn’t really fit in the other categories.


When you agree with someone


Where did that bug come from? Why is the app doing that when you click on that button? Why does it only crash once every 10 clicks???


Any questions?


Did you learn something?




Because why not?




Developers! Developers! Developers!



Oh my!

Show off your team!

Your team probably has some cool people on it. Or at least your team knows some cool people? Or has some cool pets? Please tell me your team at least has ONE of those things? Then make an emoji for them! Nothing says “Good job, co-worker” like giving them an emoji reaction of themselves.

The emoji here are just examples from our team, but I guess you could take them if you really want to. But that would be weird.




Does someone use a certain word often? Use a Custom Slack Response to post their image any time someone uses that word



Show off your city!

If you work in a city that has a rich, cultural history, or just several inside jokes, make emoji for them!


Do you have a local attorney who makes hilariously bad commercials?


or a well-known local artist?


or a local sports team?


or a scary local sports team mascot?


or a local food specialty?



Showing some love for our Chicago office



What are we doing for lunch?





You can’t have a party without a party parrot!

And of course there will be several variations on the party parrot theme to fit any occaision.









Let’s get fancy with combo emoji!

There’s really no reason to use these, other than to prove you can.

:mercury1: and :mercury2:

:mst3k: :mst3k-seat: :mst3k-servo: :mst3k-mike: :mst3k-crow:

:parrotwave1: through :parrotwave7:

Presented without comment

Here are a few more that are just fun to use.









The Slack API and getting Emoji Metrics

Slack has an API that you can use to access your team’s messages. Here’s a small script I used to find out what our top used emoji reactions were in our #general channel since last year. It does it in batches, because the Slack API can only grab 1000 messages at a time. Note: I restricted this to 500 at a time, 1000 caused a timeout more often than not.

And in case you were wondering what our top 20 emoji reactions were:

  1. :joy: 1,064
  2. :clapping: 823
  3. :heart: 612
  4. :+1: 524
  5. :ditto: 523
  6. :100: 436
  7. :revelry: 333
  8. :tada: 240
  9. :wave: 219
  10. :nice: 213
  11. :mullet: 206
  12. :partyparrot: 188
  13. :party_corgi: 184
  14. :beers: 153
  15. :pizzaparty: 150
  16. :bruh: 128
  17. :300: 123
  18. :eyes: 107
  19. :raised_hands: 106
  20. :hr_vest: 102

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