Revelry COO Jennifer Baldwin

“Biz New Orleans Talks” with Revelry COO Jennifer Baldwin

Episode 168: Developing Tech Talent Through Apprenticeship

Each week, Biz Talks reaches beyond the pages of Biz New Orleans’ magazine to bring in-depth conversations with members of the business community.

From the names everyone knows to the ones destined to make their mark, Biz Talks dives into the top issues, best practices, successes and failures of every industry that calls Southeast Louisiana home.

In Episode 168, host Rick Collins talks to Revelry Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Baldwin about:

  • Revelry’s highly successful software engineering apprenticeship program;
  • The company’s commitment to developing Louisiana’s tech community and supporting the state’s economy; and
  • Revelry’s secret sauce: A values-driven approach to all things.

Listen to the full episode here.

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