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The Cluster

A cluster is a piece of software that lets us use virtual computers in the cloud as a single system to host and configure multiple software applications with a unified administrative interface. The Cluster is our own, home grown hosting platform at Revelry. We started building The Cluster in summer of 2017, and by fall 2017 we started putting apps on it.

We built The Cluster to replace Heroku, and we’ll eventually release The Cluster as an open source Platform-as-a-Service to be sold and licensed to other teams. The Revelry Cluster aims to provide the ease of management of a solution like Heroku, with the low cost and portability that comes with platform independence.

Building cluster infrastructure is very difficult and time consuming, so many developers and businesses look to outsource to a reliable provider. Organizations need to get to building and scaling applications faster. We know that at Revelry, and everything we build is to serve that purpose.