Case Study: Professional Services

Consumer Research Company

A consulting company that helps political and non-political organizations gather data and distribute information – for the purpose of raising awareness and generating momentum – needed help getting a new web application launched within a six week period, so it could be used during the 2022 election cycle. Revelry stepped in.

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Create a solution to simplify 10DLC registration, A2P messaging, and survey creation and management


Deliver a web application initiated by another team within six weeks


Product management; UI and UX design and development; back-end engineering; and code review / QA

the IDEA

Take the Work Out of 10DLC and A2P

A consumer research company wanted to create a software solution that would make it easier for its clients to communicate with their constituents. While text messaging with those who have opted into communications (P2P) can be simple, reaching those who have not (A2P) is far more challenging, as it requires a 10DLC registration and campaign-verified token. The company’s initial ask of Revelry: integrate Twilio’s 10DLC API into its in-progress web application.

Revelry product development project for a consumer research company
Consumer research company 10DLC A2P survey software solution by Revelry
the Challenge

Lots of Work. Little Time

The development of our partner’s web application was started by another external team. When Revelry was asked to step in and finish the project, it was with a short timeline and limited budget. More than anything, though, the partner needed a strategic partner that was reliable, skilled, and trustworthy.

The Revelry product delivery team’s priority was a Twilio 10DLC Registration API, but quickly expanded to include additional features and functionality to improve and enhance the user experience. 


Rich Features and Functionality

Revelry’s work on focused on product management, UI / UX design, and back-end engineering expertise. Key deliverables from our cross-functional team included:   

  • Twilio (messaging) integration 
  • 10DLC registration capability
  • MMS messaging capability (a companion to SMS messaging)
  • Features to improve data management and enable more targeted constituent outreach, such as tagging and segmenting
  • Survey building functionality
  • Account wallets to manage payments and provide visibility into account balances 
  • Phoenix upgrade

Tech Stack: Elixir and Phoenix

Consumer research company 10DLC A2P survey software solution by Revelry
Consumer research company 10DLC A2P survey software solution by Revelry

A New Tool Ready for Election Season

The product was ready for use for the 2022 election cycle, as promised. What began as a six-week engagement turned into a vibrant partnership helping establish a permanent, in-house product development department for the partner.


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