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What is Ruby?

Ruby is an open source language that is almost thirty years old. One of the main objectives for Ruby was to create an abstraction between the actual machinery behind the code and the developers writing it. Because of this, Ruby reads very much like a human language, and has been used to build thousands of trusted applications.

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Ruby on Rails

What is Rails?

Ruby on Rails is the main Ruby use-case. It’s an open-source, widely-used framework for web apps, featuring straightforward routing, your typical MVC, and a robust set of debugging tools. Rails uses keywords to both facilitate readability and maintain conciseness.

An Awesome Tool for Building Scalable Applications

Ruby is an object-oriented language, so this makes it very simple for engineering teams to make adjustments or patches to the built-in classes to suit your project’s needs. It’s also an interpreted scripting language, capable of giving instructions to browsers, apps, servers, and software in general. While it might not be as fast as something like Python or Elixir, the readability and extensive capabilities make it a great choice to build scalable applications.

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Accelerating the Development Process

Ruby on Rails can be a great choice for your project because it helps engineers stay organized and write self-documenting code. Plus, developers have an incredible arsenal of tools at their disposal to both make life easy and speed up the development process. Our engineering team has decades of experience using this language. We can use our knowledge to help save you time and money while building a great product.

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