Case Study: SaaS


Dylibso, an early-stage SaaS company on a mission to make WebAssembly (WASM) everyone’s favorite binary format, engaged Revelry to support the release of a proof of concept gaming application called Gamebox. The timeline was tight and the project required skilled, reliable resources with a partnership mentality.

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Design and build a web application that allows developers to create and share games virtually, while learning to use Dylibso’s tooling


Collaborate with a small internal team to launch Gamebox in 5 short weeks – for unveiling at the 2023 WASM/IO conference


Product management; front-end design and development; and back-end engineering

the IDEA

Create a Fun Way to Teach Developers Extism

Dylibso is on a mission to make WebAssembly everyone’s favorite binary format. To this end, it wanted to create a mobile-optimized web application to give developers a way to publish and play their games virtually, while simultaneously learning to use Dylibso’s open source, universal plug-in system, Extism. 

Dylibso Gamebox screen WASM WebAssembly Extism plug-in by Revelry
Dylibso Gamebox screen WASM WebAssembly Extism plug-in by Revelry
the Challenge

Deliver on a Tight Timeline

When Dylibso approached Revelry for product delivery support, it needed a trusted, reliable partner to help create a proof of concept for sharing at the 2023 WASM/IO Conference in Barcelona; Gamebox was envisioned as a means for helping developers learn to use Dylibso’s Web Assembly tooling.

The Dylibso team had a strong sense of where it wanted to go with Gamebox, but as Revelry became more involved in the project, it was clear that the product roadmap could benefit from additional eyes and expertise. Among the key opportunities identified by Revelry: Improving the user interface and user experience to assure developer / player satisfaction.  


A Polished, Show-Ready Web Application

Revelry’s work on Gamebox was both feature and function focused. 

Our front-end developers brought the benefit of a fresh set of eyes and broad, deep experience to Gamebox’s UI and UX design and development. Efforts were largely focused on:

  • User testing sessions
  • User flows
  • Creation of a design asset library

Simultaneously, Revelry’s back-end engineers worked to:

  • Implement GitHub Auth
  • Create the schema / architecture to associate authenticated Github users to specific game creators
Dylibso Gamebox screen WASM WebAssembly Extism plug-in by Revelry
Dylibso founder Benjamin Eckel at WASM revealing Gamebox

When we decided we wanted to step this up and make this a professional app, we turned to Revelry for help. In a few short weeks, they were able to polish it into something we can be proud of.”

– Benjamin Eckel, Co-Founder, Dylibso

The Results

A Successful Product and Partnership

Gamebox was delivered as promised for use at the 2023 WASM/IO Conference. Hosted on, it already has games available written in JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust and Go, among other languages.

Revelry and Dylibso plan to continue their partnership into the future.


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